Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Class May Be Permanent But Form Wins You Championships

So the 2012 campaign is about to get underway; two jumpers a must at this time of year. A chilly county cricketer hit the nail on the head on twitter last week when he moaned: "love it when it's the first day of the season and I'm scraping ice off my car!" At The Middle Stump we are not worried about the cold, we are going to look back at last season and the players that were on fire!

This is a quick look at last season's run getters and wicket takers in Division 1 of the 2011 County Championship. In batting order, of course.

1. ME Trescothick
    Innings- 23  
    Runs- 1673
    Average- 79.66
    Highest Score- 227

2. EC Joyce

    Innings- 29
    Runs – 1269
    Average- 45.32
    Highest Score- 140

3. AD Hales

    Innings- 22
    Runs- 1023
    Average- 51.15
    Highest Score- 184

4. NRD Compton

    Innings- 22
    Runs- 1010
    Average- 56.11
    Highest Score- 254*

5. DM Benkenstein
    Average- 61.5
    Highest Score- 150
6. JM Bairstow (WK)

    Innings- 24
    Runs- 1015
    Average- 46.13
    Highest Score- 205
    Catches/Stumpings 43/0

7. SR Patel

    Overs- 265.4
    Wickets- 31
    Runs- 798
    Average- 25.74

8. CR Woakes

    Overs- 406.4
    Wickets- 56
    Runs- 1220
    Average- 21.78

9. S C Kerrigan

    Overs- 183
    Wickets- 24
    Runs- 437
    Average- 18.2

10. KW Hogg

      Overs- 309
      Wickets- 50
      Runs- 940
      Average- 18.8

11. G Chapple

     Overs- 412.4
     Wickets- 55
     Runs- 1090
     Average- 19.81

A team blending greenness with experience, young with old. A team with a handful of England caps and surely a lot more to come. There are a lot of runs in that side and a lot of wickets! Will the same players prosper this season? What are your thoughts?

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