Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ben Hollioake's kit - please help

Ben Hollioake was an England cricketer, whose life was prematurely taken from him, almost ten years ago to the day. Not only have his parents and family been struggling to cope with such an anniversary, but it now turns out that his parents house, in Perth, Western Australia has been burgled and his England kit stolen.

We have quite a few followers in Australia, so if anyone is offered any kit, memorabilia etc, then we urge you to contact the police straight away. We hope that the cricket community pulls together, like it always does, and let's find either the people, or at least get these priceless memories back for his parents. Keep your eyes open guys!

UPDATE: Within two hours of writing this, some of Ben's kit has been recovered. The thieves obviously read The Middle Stump, which says a lot about our clientele, or they have pooped themselves following the huge response from #cricketfamily on Twitter. Thank you to all who retweeted such as David Bumble Lloyd, James Foster and all of you who played your part. Remember those down under, keep your eyes open for the remaining items. If anyone tries selling a bat, Surrey or England kit, then you know what to do.

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