Saturday, 7 April 2012

IPL: Big names, little money

The 2012 IPL has started, a competition full of glitz and glamour and an opening ceremony to rival the Beijing Olympics.

Players have arrived from all around the world, keen on entertaining millions of people and lining their pockets with silver, or gold shall we say?

February saw the auction get under way and Indian all rounder Ravinda Jadeja was the biggest catch going for a mind boggling $2 million, the Chennai Super Kings becoming his new employers. Big money for an Indian when there are so many international superstars up for grabs? Apparently not according to cricinfo:

Most of it, though, will be spent on Indian players, with the big-ticket overseas players discovering that after three seasons of big spending, their big tickets have expired.

With there being 11 slots for overseas players and a limit of four in the starting XI teams are beginning to realise that big names are to be left on the bench (bench! Cant believe I’ve said that, really not a cricket term!) that is a lot of money being wasted.

This brings me to Kevon Cooper of Trinidad. Picked up by Rajasthan Royals for $50,000… Cooper had a debut to remember, picking up 4-26 off his 4 overs, taking a catch and chipping in at number 6 with 11 off 3 balls!

Time will only tell if Cooper can become a cult hero at Rajasthan, it’s not even definite that he will play many games, a lot of stars are due to arrive. One thing that we do know is that he has set his stall out and shown everybody what he can do.

40 Coopers for 1 Jadeja? I Know who I would rather have…


  1. Not only are they not paying big money for foreigners, they seem to be picking 20/20 specialist overseas. Some names I've never heard of.

  2. We were half expecting them to bid for us at the auction!