Thursday, 24 May 2012


Kevin Pietersen's outburst on Twitter has split the cricketing community wide open, after his comments regarding former Essex, Warwickshire and England opener, turned commentator, Nick Knight.
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Mr Smooth

"Can somebody tell me how Nick Knight has worked his way into the commentary box for home tests?? RIDICULOUS" he tweeted. Now whether you are a fan of Knight's smooth chino wearing style or not, and we are not here at The Middle Stump, although that is irrelevant, KP being fined is ridiculous, and yet another example of players these days not being allowed freedom of speech. No wonder the characters of the game are dying out?

I'm sure if Knight and his pals in the commentary box are allowed an opinion on KP, then he should be allowed to have one in return. Shouldn't he? What if Pietersen had said Knight is brilliant? Knight was certainly rather vocal in saying that Pietersen should be removed from England's one day team a couple of year's ago, which is no doubt, where this spat stems from.

My only personal view is that he doesn't come across as being a good guy by having a pop at Knight, nor is it particularly edifying. One wag on Twitter responded to that as saying, I don't care if he is a good bloke as long as he bats well for England. Well my friend, Peter Sutcliffe may have been a fine lorry driver, and Fred West a dab hand of a builder, but good blokes does that not make them, and in these media conscious days, being liked means endorsements, sponsorship and money.
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KP...fined by the ECB

Pietersen meanwhile has been fined an undisclosed amount by his paymasters at the ECB. I suppose if you sign a contract, which pays you a hell of a lot of money, and Pietersen is one of the highest earners in the history of the game, then you must be liable for what you say, or tweet.

However, when you are in the entertainment business, which don't forget cricket is, then you must be allowed to let the players, commentators, pundits, journalists, all have an opinion. It is all of our varying opinions, that makes cricket such a wonderful sport.

The modern player, with all of their media training is in danger of nullifying interest in the game, and the ECB with their style akin to a communist eastern European country in the 80's, cracking down on opinions doesn't help.

And we wonder why the ex player's make the best interviewees?

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