Wednesday, 27 June 2012


The Aussies are here and the five match one day series versus England will start on Friday. The accountants at the ECB will be more than happy as they will sell out, but should we be giving a young Australian side practice? Why are they here? Would we prefer to see a fifth test between the sides ranked one and two in the world? You bet your bollocks to a barn dance we would.
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He bowls to the left, he bowls to the right...

Monday, 25 June 2012

Battle of the Ians

Rows between cricketers aren't unusual. Don Bradman, whilst one of Australia's favourite players was about as popular with his team mates as a pork pie at a barmitzvah due to his anti Catholic views, which so rumour has it, were akin to those of Ian Paisley. When he was out for a duck in his final Test innings, allegedly a few of his team mates laughed. Others who have had issues include Boycott and Illingworth, Pietersen and Moores, and Peter Roebuck was as popular as a fart in a lift in the Somerset dressing room. However, it is rare that this actually turns into a full blown fight, but one incident back in March 1977, did just that, and it was the battle of the Ian's - Botham and Chappell.

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Sir Ian Botham

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Middle Stump guide to DRS (Dodgy Rugs and Syrups)

As possibly the worst hair weave in the history of man, nodded in the winner to send England through to a clash with a nation full of men, who are very proud of their flowing locks, it occurred to me how modern day cricketers are also very fond of artificially aided manes, says Middle Stump guest blogger Thorpster.

Warne...maiden overs to makeovers in order to get a legover!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Only the good die young

This is an article sent to me by guest blogger, Thorpster. I have known this man for many years, playing cricket with him at Southgate Adelaide CC for about twenty of those, and his articles are always thought provoking, as well as being some of our most popular viewings. Here he looks at those taken from us prematurely, and why cricketers have that bond and special banter that maybe other sports don't have.

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Tom Maynard

This site is renowned for its jovial and some would say immature reflections on cricket and everything to do with it. However is times like these that even those of us who choose to take a more light hearted view of life step back and take stock.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Tom Maynard

News came through at lunchtime today which has shocked and stunned the cricketing world, with the desperately sad loss of the ex Glamorgan, Surrey and no doubt, future England batsman, Tom Maynard. Tom was found this morning at Wimbledon Park station in the early hours. It is not for us to say what happened, that is down to the police, the coroner and whoever else does these things. It is not for us to speculate, or ask why? What matters though is that a 23 year old, a son, a friend, a brother and hero to some, is no longer with us.

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Tom Maynard

RIP Tom Maynard

News has come through in the last couple of hours regarding the death of Tom Maynard, the 23 year old Surrey, Glamorgan and no doubt future England batsman. Stunned and shocked are the words that describe how I am feeling quite at this very moment.

We are not prepared to comment on what has happened until any hard facts emerge, as the usual rumour mill is circulating at present. All we know for certain, is that an extremely talented cricketer, and a fine person from a good family has been taken from us.

Having interviewed Tom a couple of months ago, and his father Matt, a matter of weeks ago, our thoughts and sympathies from all here at The Middle Stump, are with the Maynard family. May Tom rest in peace.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Friends Life T20 Preview

The Friends Life T20 is underway and the good people of The Middle Stump bring you their preview. For the third year, 18 teams battle it out for a place in finals day at Cardiff in August. This year sees the competition revert back to three groups of six (North, South and Midlands) with the top two from each progressing to the quarter finals along with the two best third placed teams. Surrey are favourites with William Hill at 5/1 but who will be celebrating come August 25th?

No Nico for the Foxes this year...

Monday, 11 June 2012

Review of the 3rd Test v West Indies

And so the curtain falls on yet another series. The two day Test at Edgbaston was a wash out in this sodden summer of ours and the cricketing crowds of England's second city showed their dissent with the ECB's pricing policy. Who can blame them? When we are in the depths of the second, maybe first depending on your political leanings, worst recession in history, allied to a poor summer and a dead series, sixty plus squid a ticket is a hell of a lot of dosh to fork out for a day out. Something for the marketing department to look at I suppose? Especially when the umpires pull the players off for bad light when the batsmen are creaming the bowling to all parts. Cricket doesn't help itself at times.

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Ramdin impersonates Neville Chamberlain

Friday, 8 June 2012

The Middle Stump anti virus report

The guys at the Middle Stump would like all of our fans and followers to be on the lookout for a new breed of cricketing computer viruses that could seriously affect­ / infect your PC.

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This virus is known to break Windows

The Ageing Cricketer

Cricket is a young man's game, so they say, and with me about to enter my 43rd year in a few weeks, it has to be said that every season is getting harder and harder. I know some players, even professionally have gone on for years. Well they're fit, and I'm not. So there.

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You are never too old to don the whites

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Anderson, Finn or Onions?

There are some excellent selectors on Twitter, just like there were some great players of spin as Saeed Ajmal last winter, was conning his way through English defences better than anyone since William the Conqueror! With Jimmy Anderson "rested" now, and wouldn't we all like a week off from our employers for good performance, who do you think should be his replacement?

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Anderson...should we have rested our best bowler?