Saturday, 28 July 2012

A massive thank you

When myself and Liam started this blog on March 23rd 2012, it was for a laugh, a bit of a joke and a bit of fun. Today we have just had our 50,000th hit on the site, and quite frankly, we're stunned. After a few weeks, Liam said we might get 30,000 hits by September. I told him not be so bloody stupid.

Sometimes, we have sailed too close to the mark, sometimes we have nearly got on the wrong end of lawyers and sometimes we have over tweeted, but we just want to say a massive thank you to a few people who have helped us raise our bat for this landmark.

Firstly, we would like to thank the Thorpster for his contributions and some of his articles have been very popular. Secondly, Gill Nuttall from Factor 50, a human dynamo and someone who works tirelessly for an extremely good cause who has given us access to some of the professionals, along with the comedic genius that is Graeme Fowler. Foxy, you're a star. To the other pros and ex pros, who always help us - Paul Nixon, Mike Selvey, Steve James, Gareth Rees, Rikki Clarke and countless others who we can't all name personally. To Marcus and the cricket family as well, legends!

Along our journey we have met numerous new friends, and we look forward one day to meeting you all personally. Some areas of the UK we have massive support, the West Country and South Wales in particular and you have been fantastic, helping us and joining in with our brand of banter! We've had some laughs, we've had some tears but we love what we do, and hope that our book which comes out next April via the History Press gives you all plenty of laughs. It's got some outstanding banter in it, not yet seen on the site.

To anyone who has followed, or ever retweeted, we love you and you keep us going!

Thanks again.

Dan and Liam (The Middle Stump)


  1. Well done from Mr. Goldberg of Potters Bar

  2. Ah Mr Goldberg! It was the likes of you allowing us to play out of hours in the school grounds that made my love for cricket flourish. Thank you sir!