Tuesday, 17 July 2012

New at The Middle Stump

You may be wondering what has happened to our site or like most of you, you probably don't give a shit? Well for those that are wondering we have taken down our interviews and features as we are going to bring out a book called "Cricket Banter" which will be published in April 2013 by The History Press. There will be a donation being made to Factor 50 from the book as well, so you'll get the feel good factor as well as having a good old giggle. Some of the best bits of the site will be in the book, but most of it will be brand new copy.

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You may have noticed that the site is a bit quiet recently. This is because we are busy writing and have to complete 50,000 words by September, so please do bear with us. Remember we are just a couple of jokers who started this for a laugh in March 2012, and with nearly 50,000 views and 1200 followers on Twitter, a thriving Facebook account and all sorts of other stuff, it has all got a bit serious on us! We will try and update as much stuff on here as we possibly can, along with our guest articles and all sorts of the usual rubbish you have come to expect from us.

In the meantime, thank you to all of our friends and followers who have retweeted us, supported us and enter into banter with us. We hope to meet you personally when we do some book signings next year, and without you and everyone who contributes, we couldn't do it.

In the words of a Bangkok hooker....we love you long time!

Dan and Liam

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