Sunday, 29 July 2012

Oppo speak - the aftermath

Our article last week by Thorpster regarding talking to the opposition (, has certainly made people sit up and take notice, and the response on Twitter was overwhelming. Even Paul Allott mentioned us on Cricket Writers on TV this morning, although did say "going home" instead off "pissing off home" like Percy did twenty years ago. He also said he had never heard of the terminology "Oppo speak" either, but whatever it is called in your part of the country Walt, it certainly seems it is on its deathbed. Here, starts the campaign to bring back Oppo Speak into clubhouses throughout Britain.

Walt...had never heard of the phrase "oppo speak"

Apparently, one of the few places it is alive is in the Liverpool League, where Graeme Jones informs us that the home team buy the opposition a jug. We applaud whoever does that, and I remain very good friends with London Colney CC in Herts after a close game in the boiling sun back in the early nineties, in which we won by a close margin, was rewarded with a jug in our changing room at the end of play from them. A fantastic touch and one which was reciprocated the next time we played them. The two clubs have been firm friends since.

Our standard tipple circa 1985
The other place is is in the Cheshire Over 40's League where the teams sit down and eat. This seems more common in the Northern Leagues, although we were informed by one source that his lads were like "animals at a trough"! Something needs to be done, and the author of this piece Thorpster, seems to promote banning all energy drinks from cricket club houses and replacing them with a mix of flat bitter and lager and the end of the jug, which we used to "minesweep" when we were fifteen year olds. Like hyenas, this was our carrion when the opposition had gone from feasting on their own type of liquid prey! It wasn't our fault the bastard newsagent only paid us six measly quid for doing a seven day paper round, the tight swine.

I digress, back to the article. 95% of you agreed with us, that it is one of the fine traditions which is being killed off quicker than Paul McCartney should be, after his one man attempt to ruin Danny Boyle's knighthood on Friday night. Something needs to be done. Time to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk.

One of these plus good banter equals good cricketing traditions
Whatever league you play in, whatever your standard, try buying the oppo a jug next weekend and engaging them in conversation about who they have left to play this season, and even if it is ten minutes, let's bring this fine tradition back into cricket clubs throughout the land. If not, stick one in their changing room at the end of play and watch them stay in your club for an hour or so. Get one of the younger members of the team to go round the oppo with it. One of your own lads who normally never speaks. He may just end up in some banter with the oppo lads his own age.

I bet it works.

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