Thursday, 12 July 2012

Should cricket be an Olympic sport?

Thorpster gives us his take here on the Olympics and discusses whether cricket should be an Olympic event? Let us know what you think or drop us a line on Twitter @TheMiddleStump

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Team GB in the Olympics?

On my daily commute for which I pay a similar amount to what KP earns for his annual thrash in India, I pass through Stratford and three things usually spring to mind:

1 - what has become of my life that I spend three and a half grand a year and about three hours a day travelling?

2 - at least Dick Turpin wore a mask!

3 - (as I pass the Olympic Park) why is cricket not a Olympic sport?

If I ever manage to get past points 1 and 2 without going all Michael Douglas from falling down/Inzamam Ul Haq after being called a fat potato/Gatt when being accused of cheating by Shakoor Rana or being denied a tequila at the bar, I find point 3 an interesting debate.

The other national sport football (forget that minority sport Rugby union) at the Olympics this summer sees team GB competing for the first time, with a team from England and Wales. We know that in the worlds greatest sport cricket, that in the England Team we effectively have a team GB so the furore surrounding the composition of Stuart Pearces team would not be an issue. Incidentally I think Pyscho should have used his "brain" to avoid the Beckham fiasco, but that would be like having asked KP not to attempt a crazy wipe over mid wicket on 97 in the Caribbean during his short stay as captain.

A number of players from across the British Isles have moved in and out of the England team and back to the other countries teams such as Eoin Morgan, Ed Joyce and Gavin Hamilton. Hamilton was one of the new young guns along with a fresh faced Yorkshireman called Michael Vaughan and a slightly more agricultural batsman called Chris Adams (now Surrey Coach) on a Hussain led tour of South Africa which started with England at 2-3 on a Linsey Dawn Mackenzie at the wanderers, with Atherton, Butcher and the skipper back in the Hutch. 

So no problem with a GB cricket team then? I realise a big problem would be that the summer games falls slap bang in the middle of the English summer/deluge.  But ok then, fill the teams with young lads or top amateurs who I am sure would love a piece of the action. They could be assisted by some just retired types looking for a final stab at glory, such as the heroes of yesteryear regularly lauded on these pages.

In the past it may have been said that games are too long to fit in a tournament in a short period. But now with T20 possibly the most popular format of the game, why not that, or even T10 for the Olympic games?

With major pro sports such as football and Tennis (this year a 2nd Wimbledon) now supplementing track and field and the traditional olympic sports such as Greco Roman Wrestling, Weightlifting and beach Volleyball, then why not cricket?

After all cricket is a world wide game with participation from across the globe. Even below the main test and ODI playing nations there are many nations where cricket is already or is evolving into a major participation activity. With the advent of the short forms of the game it can be a short, sharp and a thrill a minute spectator sport.

The Olympic Flame

The iconic symbol of the games are the Olympic flame and the Olympic rings. At one point on the last ashes tour some wags I know started calling Alistair Cook the Olympic flame as "he never gets out". And as is well documented on this site, many a prominent cricketer has shown a persistent interest in rings, be they the ring field, the inner ring in a one day game, or rings of a different type!

So come forthcoming meetings of The IOC, in between the mutual passing of brown envelopes and discussion re ridiculous games such as darts becoming Olympic events, let's see the great game of cricket on the agenda!


  1. No. And that goes for a number of other sports that are in. The basic principle should be that a)the olympic gold medal is the pinnacle for the sport involved and
    b)the result is not decided by judges but by fastest, longest, heaviest, highest etc etc.

  2. I agree with Tim, it shouldn't be. Neither shoulder football, tennis and others like this.

    But.... A Hong Kong 6s type thing with maybe u25s would be pretty decent if it were to be an Olympic sport...