Saturday, 28 July 2012

The best grounds in Britain part 4

Another look here at some of our grounds that our friends and followers on Twitter have sent us in association with those good dudes down at Kingfisher. Prizes galore here - or on Twitter - so why not give them a follow...they go down a treat with this recent hot weather, I tell you. Keep sending us the pics of your beautiful cricket grounds, and we will put them all up eventually. Twitter account is @themiddlestump or we have a facebook page too now. If one is not a social networker, you can just e mail us at We want to hear from you!

Anyway, back to the grounds and first up sent to us by Michelle Tilling is the gorgeous St Phillips North CC in the Cotswolds. That's not the pavilion behind we are informed, but imagine if it was? You'll see that this lot are so professional, that the groundsman even wears whites to cut the track! A fabulous ground in a fabulous part of the country.

St Phillips North CC

Down in Surrey now to Tilford Cricket Club, and an English village green scene sent by the Crazy Horse, Stephen Applebee. We have discussed with Stephen the prospect of scattering drinkers by a lofted cover drive from this end, or a top edged sweep from the other. If I ever play there I might have a bowl for a laugh! This ground has been used in numerous advertisements on the tv, and you can see why. Quintessentially English!

Tilford CC

The Hertfordshire League provide the next two grounds and the first is Knebworth Park CC, with Knebworth house in the background. This can be a bastard of a ground for me on a personal level. Traffic from a Robbie Williams gig there, trebled the length of time for my journey once, but more painful was being hit in the ribs five balls out of six like I did back in 2000, and abused by their overseas Australian after every one of them. However, a beautiful setting and one of the best grounds around and a good bunch of boys to be fair. A good drink in their clubhouse watching the sun go down, is one of the pleasures in life.

Knebworth Park CC...not sure if extra cover is walking in?

Although based in Bedfordshire, they play in the Hertfordshire League and Eversholt is a great place to play cricket. Church at one end, swimming pool at the other, and the estate of the Duke of Woburn running down one side of it. We've had many a battle with these guys over the years, and always end up having a good beer in their picturesque wooden clubhouse. A top venue. In fact because they are a good bunch of blokes, we're going to put two photos in of their ground, the view from each end.

Towards the pavilion at Eversholt CC

From the pavilion end

Finally we visit the beautiful Settle up in Yorkshire, and one sent in to us by Fred Boycott, who told us he has run up the hill, into the wind, and was still clocked at 104mph! A gorgeous venue, if I were facing him on that green track at that pace, the night before I'd be Sleepless in Settle...I'll get my coat.

Settle CC

Keep 'em coming!

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