Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The most beautiful grounds in Britain: Part 3

Over the next few weeks, we are going to publish our favourite cricket grounds in the UK, in conjunction with those great people from Kingfisher. Sit back, pour yourself a cold Kingfisher and admire the stunning cricket grounds on offer in England's (and Scotland's) green and pleasant land. You don't just have to have one in your local Indian restaurant you know, and you can also win some great prizes by following them on or on Twitter If you think your ground should be included then send us a photo on Twitter @themiddlestump or e mail us at Here are the next five.

More stunning cricket grounds are here thanks to our wonderful followers and the first one sent in is the beautiful Thorp Perrow up in North Yorkshire, sent to us by Stephen Beynon. Just off the A1, it is certainly a prettier part of the world than when it passes Stevenage! We believe the wonderfully named Romany CC play there, and the stately home overlooking the ground is a great back drop.

Thorp Perrow CC in North Yorkshire

Next on the list is Bowdon, sent in by Bruce McDougall. Bowdon is situated in leafy Cheshire and if I am right it is the ex club of England and Sky TV man, Paul Allott. In the 70's these guys were one of the best clubs around, and narrowly lost to Southgate in the National Final in 77. They should have won the first game but it pissed down with rain at Lord's before losing the replay at Edgbaston.

File:Bowdon Cricket, Hockey and Squash Club (7).JPG
The pavilion at Bowdon CC

Much further south and sent in by Jason Blanden is the ground at Porchester Castle. Overlooking the Solent just outside Portsmouth, any ground with a defence like this will be popular with our mate Fred Boycott. The ground is situated right on the banks of the north side of Pompey harbour, and is now the third eleven ground of Porchester CC. Rumours that the Middle Stump's Dan, made his debut at the 300 year old ground when it was brand new, are completely untrue!

Porchester CC down in Hampshire

On the banks of the leafy Thames, is the stunning Maidenhead and Bray. With it being the home of Heston Blumenthal's, The Fat Duck, amazingly it hosts two of the UK's Michelin three starred restaurants - we've only got four! The oldest ground in Berkshire, this is now the home club of the chat show host, Michael Parkinson. It is certainly a bit prettier than Barnsley where he grew up! Did you know that Parky used to open the batting for Barnsley with Dickie Bird, relegating a certain Mr G Boycott down to number three? Apparently so...

The ground at Bray. I wonder if you get a Michelin starred tea?

Last but not least, this has been sent to us by one of our fans and we can't remember who? It is the first Scottish ground sent in, and it is the Grange in Edinburgh. So thank you whoever it was, and we hope you are not as angry as the skies look over the Firth of Forth. The area where the ground is located is Stockbridge, and apparently was once home to Nico of the Velvet Underground, and plaything of Andy Warhol. Now we can't even give the guy who submitted this his own fifteen minutes of fame! We're sorry for being so crap.

Home of the Scottish side, The Grange in Edinburgh

Please keep them coming and there are plenty more to come.

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