Sunday, 12 August 2012

More amazing grounds- International style

Recently we have been doing a feature on club grounds throughout the UK in association with our good friends down at Kingfisher. Here we have a look at a few of the international venues that have caught our eye. Keep sending them in to us, and we'll be back to the UK grounds as soon as we can...

Firstly we start off with the raucous Eden Gardens in Calcutta or Kolkata. This photo below doesn't capture the noise and the screaming of the Indian supporters who are partisan to say the least. Makes the Gallowgate look like pussies. This is the place where most sides are afraid to go.

Eden Gardens

Newlands in Cape Town with Table Mountain in the background is one of the more amazing venues in World cricket described by many as their favourite. This photo below shows it at dusk with the floodlights on and the sun going just behind the mountain. Awesome!

Newlands in Cape Town

I don't know where exactly this place is, but I gather it is in Northern India. Now, I'm a committed cricketer but you'd have to excuse me not diving here and trying to flip one back to save the boundary. Whatever it is, and wherever it is if England ever moan about playing at altitude again in South Africa, then send them here!

Next on the list is the DY Patil stadium in Mumbai and it holds 60,000 people. Were the architects pissed when they decided to incorporate this style into the ground? Should it be rename the DIY Patil stadium? I quite like it however, and it takes all different types. One thing it doesn't lack is character!

The DY Patil
Finally one of my favourite grounds in the world. The Adelaide Oval and apparently it has been redesigned. I sincerely hope they haven't lost this view and the ground hasn't been turned into one of those concrete bowls such as The Gabba. The cathedral looms over the scoreboard here, and is a sort of southern hemisphere Worcester, don't you think?

Adelaide, South Australia