Sunday, 30 September 2012

Jolly Boys Outing

Thursday morning was the coming together of the TMS’ when The Middle Stump popped down to ‘an undisclosed location’ and met up with Test Match Sofa. Fun was had, beer was drunk and of course we were close to over stepping the mark!

Photo: It's all getting a bit too much for us here at Sofa Towers. Can NZ do it!? #WT20
The Middle Stump's Dan and Hendo discuss a photo tweeted in of Martin Guptill's foot, whilst Liam and a blurry Max look on in astonishment

I almost didn’t even make it, Dan calls me the "Drama King" and fair skins, I lost my wallet before I left the house. I finally got there - late - and we were on our way to becoming the new Hale and Pace.

We were joined on the Sofa - which isn’t actually a sofa - by the brains of the operation, Daniel Norcross who was sporting a really gay pair of socks, Mrs Benson’s little boy, Max and Hendo who is a bloody good bloke.

It took 5 whole minutes before we caused controversy. Dan summed up New Zealand bowler Tim Southee as a bowler who puts it in the right areas and has the control that only Justin Lee Collins could dream of. Laughs followed until we saw producer Bill jumping up and down “You can’t say things like that! You’re all going to jail!”

We were commentating on the New Zealand v Sri Lanka game and it came to light that Martin Guptill only has two toes on one foot.

True story.

Guptill's foot...a source of many a joke over the day

Tweets came in right, left and centre and we even got one from the QEII. Work friends of mine had far too much time on their hands and tried some gentle ribbing. Mr Norcross asked me what I was doing working on a cruise ship and I quickly put him in his place… QEII Hospital, Welwyn Garden City is where I work really bloody hard - when I’m not talking shit on radio! I do admit however that I may have been telling porky pies when I told everyone that I was a "gloveless gynaecologist".

We were joined later in the day by a fat David Gower, and Ali Martin from The Sun. It was very funny listening to Dan talking about Tulisa and ‘going down’ while sitting next to him was a man who appears on the Sky TV show, Cricket Writers on TV, who had his head in his hands, quite possibly questioning his decision making. It’s ok though, his wife rang and he went home. Another bloody good bloke.

For some bizarre reason the Sofa lads drink Stella. I don’t. There was a lot consumed.

Norcross...a most amusing man

We finished the day off with some beers in the pub. Max and I were found in the corner discussing average 1998 county cricketers. Max is the oldest 22 year old I have ever met, apparently his paper round was in Kosovo. Max denies the rumours.

So that was that. Two pissed up chancers had chatted rubbish on the radio all day. All I can say is that it was bloody good fun!

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