Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Curse of The Middle Stump

Curses come in all shapes and forms. Look back at a certain children's film, and the Princess Fiona was a beautiful woman until a curse overnight left her looking ugly, or was that because Shrek had sobered up, I can't remember? Then there is the curse of the Kennedys, the most famous incident of which was someone had their head blown off, in a very different manner from Tulisa's boyfriend.

In fact talking of which, have you noticed that these guys all have three names? James Earl Ray, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth etc etc. If you think I'm doing a Q and A with Toby Roland Jones, you lot have got another thing coming!

Roland Jones...no Q and A

And whilst on the subject of Dallas, isn't it great to have all those conspiracy theories, money, glamour and a baddie known by his initials that no one can stand coming back to our screens shortly? That's right, KP is about to apologise. However, rather than being glued to Channel 5 on a Wednesday night, I think the readership of The Middle Stump now go down to the pub since the words "Debbie does..." fail to precede it. They have promised more realistic story lines, so maybe the back biting, bitchiness, the leaking of sensitive information to your enemies and obsession with money will stop. Enough about Pietersen.

Back to the curse, and we were discussing recently how there has been a curse of the Middle Stump. The first victim of this was Tim Bresnan. For those of you in the know, you'll be aware that the Prince of Pontefract blocked us on Twitter. At the time, young Timothy had a perfect record for England winning every Test match he had played in. Since then, he has lost this record and been dropped from the side. You should have blocked Messrs Steyn, Morkel and Philander Tim, out in the middle, and not us mate.

Cowboy or Indian (Premier league)?

We interviewed Steffan Piolet. Although Warwickshire won the title, young Steffan hasn't played a game since for the Bears, whilst Steve Kirby and Jack Brooks have both struggled with injuries since being interviewed with us. Gareth Berg spoke with us and promptly was dropped, but has since bounced back with a string of good scores.

It isn't just the pros though. Within days of starting The Middle Stump back in March, one of the co editors Liam had a car crash resulting in pelvic problems and hasn't played a single game of cricket in 2012. I really don't know what it is. Maybe I have smashed a mirror over a black cat, under a ladder?

Gareth Rees was widely tipped to be pushing for the England side this year. Now he has been dropped into the Glamorgan seconds! Benny Howell hasn't been in the best of nick since speaking with us either. Rikki Clarke had a fantastic start to the year and was another pushing for England honours. We interviewed him and he hardly scored a run afterwards!

Andy Nash the Somerset chairman very kindly did a Q and A with us back in early April. Which side in the country have had the worst luck with injuries? Somerset. We tipped Glamorgan for the second division title. Look what has happened to them.

No not that one

Finally, last week Liam tweeted good luck to David Lloyd. No, not Bumble but the young lad known as Dai Lloyd who played for Glamorgan. He got a pair on his debut!


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