Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Bat to the Future 2

Our man Thorpster did a very popular feature on cricket bats from the 80's back in the summer, and here he has a look at other retro gear we were wearing on the cricket pitch, back in those halcyon days.

Mike Hendrick in his day job

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Our guide to the CLT20 - more popular than porn?

If sport is ruled by money these days, as opposed to history or rivalry, then the biggest event in cricket is taking place right at this very moment out in South Africa. Yes folks, the Champions League T20 tournament featuring the best T20 sides in the world are thrashing it out for a share in the $US 6 million prize money. Judging by our new search engine, T20 has become the second highest reason why people visit our site, behind pornography of all things (I kid you not), as opposed to cricket, and the success of the shorter format of the game can not be ignored. Here we give you a run down, ok maybe more of a thick edge, to the sides competing and as always give you the tips that will enable you to take some money from your favourite illegal Indian bookie...However we also have a pop at those running world cricket, and ask are we in danger of selling the game down the river just for a few extra rupees?

Narine...forced to play for Kolkata and not T&T