Saturday, 2 February 2013

BCCI Babies

This week the BCCI acted in their usual childish fashion yet again over the use of the DRS in mainstream cricket. Only Peter Odemwingie may have made himself look as ridiculous this week, but the chairman of the other boards should hang their heads in shame for not having the guts to stand up to this super power. The BCCI is now more powerful than the ICC in our opinion. During the tour of India by England we gained many hundreds of followers of the Indian cricket team, both in India and in England, and the majority are embarrassed by the actions of the people who are supposed to represent them.

The voice of cricket?

This has all stemmed from the ICC Executive meeting this week where it was put to a vote that the home side, should they so wish, be allowed the choice of whether the DRS can be allowed. At present both sides have to agree for it to be used and India have been one of the leading voices against change, claiming that the technology could be easily manipulated and can be unreliable.

Giles Clarke of the ECB was the only one who had the bollocks to stand up to the BCCI, and says this needs further discussion whilst the other boards showed as much spine as a jellyfish, pushing the issue to the side in a similar way to Adele with a salad!

The reason for this? Money. Pure and simple. India has the most followers of cricket in the world. Therefore TV rights are huge and if you disagree with the BCCI, they tend to say it is my bat, my ball so go and play with someone else. This results in the loss of hundreds of thousands of rupees in the pockets of the nations, so therefore India are holding the gun to the head of the rest of the world. If India suddenly refuse to play a home and away series against some of the smaller countries, it is the difference between them surviving or not.

The ICC?

Money, in my own personal opinion is also the reason why India claim the technology is not right. Hawkeye funnily enough was developed and owned by a British company. Hot Spot was developed and owned by an Australian company. My advice is go and see one of the numerous illegal turf accountants that operate in India, who like to have a wager on this fine game of ours and stick your mortgage on technology being BCCI sponsored in the near future, made by an Indian company. Money talks and it sucks!

Their excuse that it is not good enough is bollocks too. If it is good enough to use in military warfare, surely it is good enough for a Test match? It is also ever improving and the Real Time Snicko (RTS) that will come out later this year during the Ashes, will take the Hot Spot technology to a different level.

Hot Spot?

The Board of Cosseting Cash Incessantly as they were described by one wag on Twitter this week, need to be stood up to, as they are ruining the game and I can see a split in world cricket coming up soon. Those who will play with India, and those who play with England.

That my friends, which include many Indians, would be a very sad day for the game.


  1. Anoher anti indian and anti BCCI write up in this blog,one of many.Post colonial hangover much or are you basically a racist by nature ????

    Anyone who has seen the use of DRS in the ongoing SA vs pak test would simply dismiss the drs as a big farce.In fact there was an even bigger drs blunder in the aus vs windies match which ultimately cost windies the game.I have logically thought about drs utility in the past and continuosly found it wanting.The recent examples clearly show that DRS is absolutely open to manipulation as the BCCI chief suggests.

    This then brings me to question the wisdom of drs fanboys which are solely the english board and its press.The article clearly points out that drs technology is british and one of the reasons why ecb is supporting it despite the farcical evidence in front of everyone.Why do they insist on this crap technology ? Is it that the english board monetarily gains from it or is it because they are in a position to manipuate it ?? Many questions no answers !!!!

    As for boards choosing between bcci and ecb good luck with it.Forget other boards i am not sure how many of your marquee players with go with it.Still you are welcome to try.So best of luck and enjoy playing with white cricket boards as i am sure they will be the only ones siding with ecb.

  2. Yawn.

    If you actually read my words I don't want a split in cricket. Which part of "sad day for the game" do you not understand? Probably the same bit you chose to misread about our Indian friends of whom there are plenty.

    This article has nothing to do with race, colonialism or partiality and I'm sure many of our Indian supporters and followers on Twitter will cringe at your comments. The blog is not about politics - never has been, never will be. It is purely about cricket and we will try and expose those who put money before the fans of the game. Does our article regarding ticket prices made by the ECB make us anti English? Of course not. Whether they be an Indian board, an English board or an Australian one, if they put making money before the views of supporters then we will write about them.

    As for DRS supporters it is not solely the English board and our press. It is actually every country in the world who uses it bar one. Why do the ECB support the hotspot which states in the article is designed by an Australian company? Again, something you have chosen to ignore.

    I'd be very interested to hear what your views are of the umpiring in the recent India v England one day series?

    Oh and by the way, please feel free to leave us your name next time Anonymous, rather than hiding behind the safety of your keyboard.

  3. Double yawn !!!!

    As for having indian friends i can bet that this is the first line that any racist uses when he/she is found to be indulging in racism." But i have black/coloured friends so how can i be racist".Its a age old excuse so don't give me that bullshit.

    Regarding umpiring errors in the india vs ecb series the umpires are human and can make mistakes and it is a part and parcel of the game and has always been.To be fair there were no such glaring mistakes as the recent ones in the sa vs pak or aussie odi series.In fact the mistakes made with drs in the sa vs pak game and aussie odi match clearly show that drs is and will always be prone to manipulation.However,you choose to ignore that and not make one comment about it.Impartial much ???

    It may be a sad day for the game as you may have written but you have also predicted clearly that the choice will be made in the future.So what part of my understanding is lacking that you want a clear split between the test playing nations.Btw,don't have one of these profiles so didn't leave the name.Yours truly,Shamsher.

  4. Oh dear, are we back to the days when any discussion re anything at all led to cries of racism? Shamsher why not stick to the facts without bringing racism and colonialism into it?

  5. Shamsher, I'm just not going to bother commenting.

  6. @Thorpster,if you want facts just check out the drs enabled farcical decisions in the sa vs pak test and the aussie odi.You will get your facts.

    @dan you cannot comment because the pro ecb drs lobby has been totally exposed with the recent drs dismissals.

    Yours truly,

  7. Why is it anytime one of this articles even mentions the BCCI the first reply is a shout of racism. Give it a rest people!

    The telling factor in this I think is the amount of cricketing boards that when playing any nation other than India are happy to use the DRS system yet decided that the "home nation choice" policy didnt warrant further discussions.
    I dont blame these people for not wanting to stand up to th BCCI, as Dan pointed out not getting the revenue generated by playing India can be make or break for some nations. My issue instead is with the ICC not takling the BCCI over it.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. The writer of this article clearly seems to be biased in favour of the DRS system.In light of recent disasters with DRS enabled decisions seems to have even aussies having a rethink about it.However the writer seems to believe that only his way of thinking is correct and BCCI thinktank which obviously must have people who have played cricket at the highest level no nothing.Maybe the writer thinks he is the reincarnation of bradman.Also i support shamsher that the writting is highly inflamatory,abusive and insulting towards bcci and indians and have to say a tad racist in nature.But thats my viewpoint.Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

  10. All that the comments above prove to me are that there are some Indians who are very racist and cannot take criticism.

    PS, I'm 2nd generation Indian living in UK and embarrassed by the attitudes of those above.


  11. Here comes the token English indian to save the day for the o[[ressed britishers.Btw,if you are stereotyping indians based on a couple of comments based on the criticism of the blog then wonder what it makes you ??? Don't believe any gurdeep will write that so taking this stereotyping with a pinch of salt

    Agree with the comments on the articles made which are particularly amateurish and ill informed.

  12. Where did I stereotype all Indians? I said "some Indians."

    I also only said I was embarrassed by those above, not all Indians.

    Perhaps you need to look at yourself?


  13. So a cople of commentatators make some indians.For a country of 1.3 billion people some indians would be a considerably large number so my friend it is you who needs to take a hard look at yourself and not resort to racist stereotyping at the smallest pretext.

    In fact this proves my nagging suspicion that you are no Gurdeep at all.What your real name uncle Tom ???

  14. I think it might be time to start blocking people via their IP address. If people don't want to talk cricket and turn everything we ever write about India into a form of racist abuse, then please feel free to fuck off and don't read our stuff.
    We won't be dictated to who we write about and if we feel people are money obsessed, and putting this before cricket we will write about them no matter what creed, colour, nationality or religion. BCCI, ECB, WICB, CA whoever.
    Stop turning the blog into one about politics. It is about cricket.
    Your IP address has been noted.

  15. BCCI is the super power in cricketing world. How much ever blogs you write, It won't bother us. Whatever BCCI orders, other countries has to follow it. Including ECB.

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