Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Righteous Fools

The inquest into the untimely death of Tom Maynard was held today at Westminster Coroners Court and a verdict of "accidental death" was reached. Tom was one of our first interviewees here at The Middle Stump, and no one in the cricketing world had a bad word to say about him. Described by the Surrey physio, Alex Tyson as "having all the looks and the talent in the world, without an arrogant bone in his body" a statement from the family also described him as being "sports mad".

Tom Maynard RIP

Whilst traces of recreational drugs were found in his body, the outcry on social media sites is quite frankly pathetic and it has to be said there are some very righteous individuals that we have in this country. Show me a man who has not made a mistake and I'll show you someone who hasn't lived. Many of us, myself included, have dabbled with drugs in the past and some of us grow out of it, but sadly Tom paid the highest price of all and wasn't given the chance.

Other pontificating prats on Yahoo today were wondering about the future of the Tom Maynard Trust. Why should it make a difference to what is a great cause established in Tom's name?

The Tom Maynard Trust was set up to help the development of aspiring disadvantaged cricketers and other sports people who require support with different aspects of their career development, including bursaries, help with training and education, financial support for overseas placements, assistance with kit and equipment and, either directly or in partnership with other agencies, providing support for raising awareness and rehabilitation programmes within sport. In essence, doing a fantastic job and helping those who might not achieve their cricketing dreams without some help.

One person who doesn't agree with our thoughts is someone who has regressed from being a cabinet minister into someone who now only appears on reality television shows when she has a book to flog.

Edwina Currie

Edwina Currie, whilst you may think that it might be ok to fuck a serving Prime Minister behind his wife's back, fucking over the cricketing community with your tweets is quite frankly not on. Currie, a loudmouth former Conservative MP tweeted today, "Tom Maynard abandoned his Mercedes with the engine still running, Blackberry logged in to his Facebook page. Darwinism at work"

At the end of the day, this is a son, a brother, a man with numerous friends and to have a pop at someone without the right to defend themselves is scandalous bullying. Easy pickings. What the sanctimonious fool doesn't realise is that there is a community out there on Twitter, a cricketing community of people that care, people who were friends with Tom or just people like us who don't like to see this sort of stuff. Quite frankly we are not impressed. The wrath of the farming community over the salmonella in eggs, is nothing compared to when the #cricketfamily gets going. Mark my words!

This is the same Edwina Currie who was highly crictical of Sara Keays who wrote publically about her affair with Cecil Parkinson, but when she herself had a book to sell wasn't so sentimental about the pain caused to Norma Major.

Today has been difficult enough for the Maynard family without comments from people who didn't know Tom, didn't know the family, and to post it on a public platform such as Twitter is heartless to the extreme. 

The Cricket Family pulling together last summer

These disgraceful comments come from someone lower than a snakes arse in our opinion. Saying that, any MP who voted for and then a few years later against, the death penalty, such as Ms Currie, will no doubt have changed her stance by tomorrow when she realises how many people she has pissed off. When her book sales start to diminish, no doubt a grovelling apology will be forthcoming, fuelled and pushed by her publishing house. Money talks.

Support the Tom Maynard Trust. Support anyone who puts their heart and soul into raising money for future cricketers, and if you are like me...don't buy another of Edwina's books. Not that I've ever bought one anyway!


  1. I am not quite sure what you are angry about, what she said or the fact she said it.

    If its the first then i can see no counter argument to the comments she made, was she wrong or are you just "offended" because she is a tory?

    The second point, she has the freedom of speech, which also means the freedom to "offend" , just as you have the freedom to speech to call her names.

    Are you "offended" by what she said (if so explain why her comments are wrong)? or because it is her that said it?

  2. I am offended that someone who knew nothing about the guy sees fit to comment on such a sensitive issue causing pain to the family. Her comments are crass, insensitive and just completely unneccessary

  3. Billy (@Ontablets), Currie's comments are vile and crass and show a) that she has no humanity and b) that she hasn't learned a bloody thing since she opened her trap, slagged off eggs and caused a crisis in the food insustry.

    Currie may have the freedom of speech to tweet such vile garbage but we have the freedom of speech to challenge the nauseating lizard and in similar terms if we so wish. One would expect Members of Parliament to act with reasonable grace, compassion and dignity.

    I'm sure Currie is quick to condemn those who tweet about their joy at the idea of Lady Thatcher dying whenever there are reports of her illness. That same standard applies in this case.

    So, Edwina Currie, please STFU. And don't bother coming along to the Kia Oval because I doubt very much that you would be welcome. I would be interested to know what Sir John Major (himself an enthusiastic and knowlegeable Surrey supporter) thinks of Currie's comments.

    Currie isn't the first MP to make idiotic, ignorant comments and I doubt that she will be the last. MPs on all sides of the House are paid lots of money to make stupid, fuckwitted statement and govern in ignorance.

  4. I think its just a crying shame. I don't care what Eggwina says just think its a wicked waste of life. I dislike the use of recreational drugs. Not in a legal or moral sense but that use can lead to irrational decisions and actions leading to tragedy. So what if he was nicked for DD, by now the headlines would have been well and truly yesterdays chip paper. We all make mistakes but don't usually pay with our lives. Let's hope a few youngsters steer clear of the geer as a result.

  5. I pay little attention to a word she says - I never have - I'm not going to start today. I didn't know Tom, but I know a man who did and he told me he was a lovely little lad - that's all I need to know. Tom took a couple of wrong turns with disastrous consequences. Christ on a bike, we've all done things we ought not to have - all of use - sadly Tom paid the highest price of all for his mistake.

    No parent should have to bury a child and my heart goes out to Tom's family. From what I understand, they were a very close family and no doubt they'll never get over losing their baby. I don't know how they've managed to pick up the pieces - I have a son the same age and when he comes home tonight after watching football - I'll hold him that bit closer - and be thankful that I still can.
    Gill Nuttall

  6. Well said. Edwina Currie's tweet was absolutely disgusting. RIP Tom.

  7. So to clarify the implication of Currie's comment: because Tom abandoned his car with the engine running, and left his phone logged into FB, he deserved to die?? Billy (@Ontablets), I would ask you to explain what is "right" about these comments, and why they shouldn't be deemed cruel/vile/disgusting/etc.

    RIP Tom Maynard. Such a terrible, tragic loss. A loss that, sadly, so many families face every day right around the world.

  8. Edwina Currie no longer has anything to offer that will draw any attention to her so has to make herself noticed by offensive and cruel comments.I don't know whether she has children or grandchildren of her own but if she has, I hope she never has to deal with a tragedy such as that experienced by the Maynards.

  9. Edwina wanted to be PM but it appears all she ended up with was PMT. While Thatcher screwed the minors she screwed the majors. Politicians ride the gravy train both once in office and out of it. She decided to ride the grey man for her own political and dough trousering ends.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. So much for freedom of speach then.

    I said taking cocaine on a daily basis and being 4 times over the legal limit was hardly 'traces of cocaine' and people who point that out are hardly self righteous. No swear words- nothing innacurate- just something you do not agree with.

  12. Out of interest- Wht are the offensive comments about Edwina Currie allowed to stand? (see 27/2 comment)

    Tom Maynard could have killed someone, and would have gone to jail. I supposr dragging Currie into it you knew some anti conservatives would be bound to jump on the bandwagon.

    But a strange use of your moderating rights to allow offensive comments about Edwina Currie to stand whilst removing a non offensive, no swearing post that people who condem being nearly 4 times over the drink drive limit, and have taken cocaine daily for 3 and a half months are not self righteous fools.

    I expect you will remove this when you see it, but if you believe in freedom of speach you should not- because it is accurate and not offensive in the way that another post which you have allowed to stand is.

  13. No you are entitled to your views, albeit one which we don't agree with. I'm sure you have never made a mistake in your life.

  14. I've never attempted to drive a car whilst nearly four times over the limit,no.

    You see, my litmus test is simple. Could it have happened to me? If it could then I have sympathy. If it could not, then I don't.

    I have no problem with you blogging a respectful tribute to someone you met. I do have a problem with you thinking that anyone who dares to criticise his behaviour is a self righteous fool who doesn't have a life, and doesn't know how to enjoy himself. It was preciseley that attitude that led to the tragedy.

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