Thursday, 18 April 2013

Prices for the LVCC

With the county game being so heavily subsidised by the ECB, there has been much talk recently about crowds in the media recently. I can't help feeling that counties could do a bit more to get crowds in by maybe dropping prices. Would a tenner entrance fee get bigger crowds, thus being able to flog one of those dodgy fleeces that they sell in the county shops in this cold weather? We had a look at certain prices what the counties are charging and if we have got this wrong then please, please get in touch and we'll put it right.

£26 to sit in the Pavilion here!

No less a scribe than Scyld Berry opened up the debate a couple of weeks ago saying that the county game is on its arse. Well, more or less, in layman's terms - I'm sure that wouldn't be the official rhetoric that he used but you get my drift. We love the county game though and the players love playing in it. It is the pinnacle of the domestic game. So how do we get more crowds into watch? Some counties let people in for free at tea. Kids for free all across the country would be another. That is a start. Some have some great offers on, some don't. Here is what we gleaned from websites of the counties, and as I said if these are wrong (they are seriously long winded in certain cases), then we will gladly put them right.

Derbyshire - £12 for Adults £4 for kids. They also offer a Six Pack, which is six games for £55.

Durham - £12 for Adults. The log in to get the kids price was too complicated so I gave up. Something to look at here, Durham!

Essex - £17 for Adults £9 for kids.

Glamorgan £15 on the day, £12 in advance. Free entry for kids.

Gloucestershire - £17 on the day, £15 in advance. £5 for kids.

Hamsphire - £20 on the day, £16 in advance £5 for kids. A whopping £26 to sit in the pavilion!

Kent - £15 on the day, £12 in advance. £8 or £5 respectively for kids.

Lancashire - £17 for Adults or £15 for kids for the season. The most expensive in the country for kids if just attending one game.

Empty seats at Old Trafford

Leicestershire - £10 for Adults £1 for kids. Interestingly, you can take your dog to Grace Road but he/she needs to be a member. Membership for dogs is £5 but you need a photo of the dog!!! I kid you not. Maybe people have been smuggling dogs in on other doggy memberships?

Middlesex - £16 for Adults £5 for kids

Northants - £10 for Adults. Free entry for kids. They had the smallest amount of people through their gates in 2012.

Wantage Road, Northampton

Nottinghamshire - £14 for Adults and £8 for kids. Entry after tea is £3.

Somerset - £18 on the day, £13 in advance. £1 for kids.

Surrey - £12 for Adults. £1 for kids.

Sussex - £15 for Adults. £5 for kids. Under 5's are free.

Warwickshire - £20 on the day or £15 in advance. £5 for kids.

Worcestershire - £13 for Adults £3 for kids.

Yorkshire - £15 for Adults. Free for kids.

No doubt there are all sorts of membership schemes which offer discounts but are unbelievably complicated to work out in some cases, and there are some offers on for buying in bulk. We also applaud those counties who let kids in for free or up to a few quid.

Let's make the effort to get crowds back watching the local counties and take pride in what is a wonderful competition. Let's also not make it too difficult to rock up with your kids on the day and not have to pay too much for it.

We watch with interest.


  1. Probably cheaper to attend than other sports for number of hours you spend there.Glamorgan's membership is one of the cheapest at £100 which works out at £2.50 a days cricket which is fantastic value..

  2. Putting it like that Dean, I'd have to agree with you. However certain places to rock up on the day with a couple of kids could cost you close to half of an annual membership at the SWALEC.

  3. It should be stated that Lancashire prices for kids includes all LVCC games. Not much use for away followers I know but not a bad deal for the kids. Yorkshire charge £10 for kids.

  4. Next year will be the year to gauge crowds.Matches starting on Sundays when more people are able to attend will hopefully see an upturn in attendances.Outgrounds like St Helens still attract good crowds for the Festivals.

  5. Amended. Yorkshire was hard to find online for kids, but did ask on Twitter.

    1. I had to email Yorkshire 4 times to get the information out of them. County websites tend to tell you everything apart from what you want to know. Some of them are terrible. Next article maybe?

  6. Valid points again Dean. Will be interesting to see next year what happens.

  7. Took the dog to Grace Road today as an away member. No paperwork, no charge. The Chief Exec stopped for a word and the Leicestershire skipper also stopped by and spent 10 minutes playing with my dog. All very easy and welcoming. £10 to get in (I forgot my LV voucher) and £5 for the car park. When I went back to the car to water the dog, I managed to leave my back door wide open. 20 minutes later a steward found me to let me know what I had done. He walked with me to the car and found he had posted another steward to stand guard over the car to make sure nothing was stolen.
    Can't speak highly enough of the place.
    £10, £12, £15 - whichever it is is excellent value for 6 hours of entertainment and is probably the best value in the world of professional sport.

  8. Lancs 15 quid, Yorkshire 10 for kids, they for real?

    hants 26? shameful

  9. Yorkshire is apparently free for U12's. This has been amended. Martin, what a great story. Sarwan skipper? We love hearing positive stories like these. Well done all at Leics CCC.

  10. Worth pointing out also that with a years membership at Somerset you get given 2-4 free tickets for any home LVCC game for that season wich is a good way of getting people in that would not normally attend the longer format. In some cases it works, I took a friend and his other half last year who would normally only attend the T20's or a Pro40 if the sun was out but both are now full members for this season so proof that these little gestures can sometimes work.
    As others have said though the biggest change will be when there are more matches encorporating all or part of the weekend.

  11. Let's hope unlike the recent events in football and rugby that those in charge put the interests of fans somewhere other than in the incinerator! As an article once posted said sports fans are last on the list!