Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A review of the 1st Test v New Zealand

So New Zealand lived with England for 18 days by the looks of things. On the 19th that little bit extra in class shone through and it was Stuart Broad who grabbed all of the headlines. These battles between these two countries have been a bit like chatting up a girl and going on endless dates, endless dinners and getting nowhere, losing interest maybe. Then all of a sudden, at Lord's she invites herself back to your room and she's slipping the condom on! Happy days...

The first day was dour and brought back reminders of Chris Tavare. I even heard a few slow hand claps, and it was like watching eighties cricket again, albeit without the moustaches. The only thing that wasn't eighties was the price of a pint at Lord's!

This Lord's pitch was a bowlers wicket and often they make the best Test matches. Give me a wicket like this compared to the ones we saw in New Zealand any day. On a weekend that saw David Beckham now sharing the same employment status as his wife, this was as intriguing a match as you will find.

I will never trust the tipping department of our mate Thorpster again. After having a conversation with him, and him extolling the virtues of Matt Prior, the Brighton based keeper decided to have a game that could only be described as the contents of the Crystal Palace dressing room versus his home town club. English keepers have had a few interesting times at Lord's in recent years, with Prior redesigning the windows there last year, and who can forget Chris Read's dismissal against the Kiwis a few years back, when he er, ducked into a slower ball yorker?

Anderson...300 up!

One guy who deserves a very special mention is James Anderson. The Burnley Express captured his 300th Test wicket on Friday, and is up there with Dale Steyn as one of the best in the world. Barring injury he might beat Botham's England record by the end of the two series against Australia!

Ross Taylor batted well and took the game to England, and Joe Root looked class, although facially looks classroom! I still think Kane Williamson is probably the Black Caps best batsmen though.Tim Southee in conditions that were helpful, showed that he is a bowler of great promise.

So the game was set up nicely, the Kiwis needing 230 to win on a pitch that was doing a bit and we were all set for a Super Sunday as the over hyped at Sky would say. I always thought we would win personally as we had Graeme Swann in the side. He didn't even get a bowl.

Lord's...scene of Broad's 7-44

Stuart Broad, who has been much maligned on these pages, came to the party, to quote Bumble. His dismissal of Rutherford would have been wasted on Bradman. 7-44 he ended up taking, although the game ended in a farcical run out.

Tweet of the weekend has to go to Swann who said he was looking forward to having a bowl on this wicket, albeit two hours after the match had finished.

England remain unchanged for Headingley this week whilst the Kiwis will have a choice of four keepers. Fellatio Watling is injured, so will it be McCullum, Ronchi or Latham. We may see the return of Daniel Vettori as well to replace the injured Chris Martin.

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