Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Another warning for Warner

David Warner was sensationally axed from the Aussies one day side after a  fracas in a Birmingham bar on Sunday night, apparently after glancing a blow to the jaw of an unnamed player, but believed to be Joe Root. I'm sure it won't be the only time he nicks an Englishman this summer, but here guest blogger Michael Fisher has a look at the man who problems seem to be mounting up for, both on and off the pitch.

How we love seeing the Australians self-destruct, and what a pleasure it is, for me anyway, seeing David Warner at the heart of it. I have never been a fan of him and have always thought that he, for an international cricketer, was distinctly average..

Warner...not the first man to visit a nightclub looking for a Root

When he first came to the scene, fresh out of Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club in Sydney, having not played a first class game there were murmurs about him being the replacement to Matthew Hayden. Now, there is a player I always admired, even if he was an Aussie. If I were Hayden, I would have been screwing. I think part of the reason that Warner is such a twat, is because he didn’t have a spell in first class cricket for his ego to be ripped apart before coming onto the international scene.

So he, again, is in an awful run of form (3 innings this summer, 9 runs scored) and, it is alleged, that he has hit out at our poor baby Joe Root when out in Birmingham. Now, I can only think that Warner was concerned that it was past Root's bedtime and was trying to get him to leave the nightclub and go to bed. Or that Warner has decided to take his flat-track bully status, mixed it with his twat status and decided to try and bully Joe Root, who had probably made an amusing statement that somebody revising for their GCSEs can make against a person like Warner, who is a muppet.

How could anyone want to hit him?

Only a month ago was Warner charged with the same breach of Rule 6: “Unbecoming behaviour” when he decided to use a few expletives as his intellectual comeback to an article slating the IPL. It wasn’t too long ago that there was rumoured to be a divide in the Australian camp and Warner was a rather big reason for that too.

There has to be a point, no matter how shit Australia are at the moment, where they cut their losses. Personally, I’ll be upset if he is dropped completely from the Australian set up as it might bring someone who cares about more than just themselves into the set up and makes them a better side. We may only win the Ashes 4-1 instead of 5-0 if that is the case.

He may well get away with it again though, given that he is a good boy sometimes and completes his homework on time.


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