Thursday, 13 June 2013

Warner XI

Yesterday we ran a competition on Twitter to find out which cricketers you would put in your David Warner XI. The standard of entries was extremely high and we were pissing ourselves laughing as over 300 entries came in, all trying to win a copy of our book Cricket Banter, currently the number one cricket kindle at present on Amazon. Read on and we have some of the best ones here:

Did you spill my pint?


Gladstone Brawl
Phil De Fracas
Beater Willey
Brian "Come and have a go if you think you're" Hardie 'nough
Andy Pick on someone your own size
Arthur Wellhard
Tillekarate Dilshan
Rodney Ontong-phooey
Salman Head-Butt
Whacker Younis
Carl Ruckemann

12th man: Phil Toughnell



Smashin' Amla
Brian Lairy
Biff'em Bedi
Roelof van der Murder
Jade Dernbash your face in
Roger Tolchardasnails
David Right Hookes
Vernon Philyouinder
Brian Brain Damage
Nick Fight
Kumar Angerkarra

Roger Tolchard-asnails!

12th man: Shivnarine Righthanderpaul

Umpires: Billy Blowden and Simon Toughnut

Match Referee: Dennis Nearmiss

Commentator: Jonathan Aggro

Venue: Edgbashton

Thank you all to some brilliant entries and we are sorry we couldn't have sent a book out to everyone. If you want one, feel free to click on the left of this article and those nice blokes at the History Press will get one out to you.