Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Australia's batting woes

A couple of days have past since England thrashed Australia in the second Test and things have become quite bizarre and I'm not talking about the future King of England getting out and Shane Watson not reviewing it...

Usman Khawaja: him that did no homework, has put the poor batting displays of the Australian top order down to the badly prepared pitches in the Sheffield Shield.

It is no secret that pitches in Australia are now fine tuned to suit fast bowling but is that the reason for a top order including Michael Clarke- for me the best player in the world- to be consistently under performing?

Flat pitches can help a batsman to get in and stay in, go on to get a big score and gain confidence. Cricket is like riding a bike. If you get a big score, you know you can go and do it again. It may not make for the best entertainment but it can produce fine batsmen. Bowlers are also helped as they have to find a way of getting a bat out. Bowling in pairs, having a plan.

Bowler friendly pitches and general bad ones can also help develop batsmen as the cream rises to the top. The best techniques will show through and players temperaments are examined. If you can go and score on a raging Bunsen then you can go big on a road.

The Australian batsmen have been out played by a better team so far in this series and some have got themselves out. Having such an attacking top seven and trying to hit themselves out of trouble is not the answer.

The question is: is there too many limited over and t20 cricket? Players are coming into Test cricket almost straight from the Big Bash without spending time in the Shield. 

This is where the problem lies: players are coming in with t20 mentalities with flawed techniques, big pay packets and even bigger egos. It is not the bowler friendly pitches that are their downfall. It is themselves.

If Australian state sides are being rolled. Batsmen have even more chances to score runs. 15 years ago someone would dig in, show some bollocks and go and score a big hundred. So far in this series, nobody has.

On to Old Trafford...


  1. Michael Clarke best playing in the world!!?? How many 'best players' bat at 5? Can't deal with the new ball so not the best player.

  2. Runs are Runs, no matter what spot you get them in the order.

  3. Um, Clarke would by definition have faced and beaten new balls in all his big innings. After 80 overs the captain of the fielding side can take a new ball...