Thursday, 8 August 2013

A physio's guide to watching the Ashes

This was sent in to us recently by guest blogger Jon Ryan. It is the complete and ultimate guide to keeping yourself in shape during the summer. Read on and before Mitchell Starc comes in to bat, you'll have yourself a six pack!

This is how you should have looked after the Aussie batting display at Lord's

This summer's Ashes contest will involve 22 cricketers engaged in a battle of skill, mental toughness and physical excellence. For the rest of us, it will probably mean sitting on a sofa for up to seven hours a day.

Chartered physiotherapist Matt Todman has some advice for fans to help them stay in shape as the five-match series goes on:

It's not only the fielders who should change positions at the end of each over. Spending too long in the same position can lead to conditions such as back pain and even deep vein thrombosis, so adjust your position after each over.

Use the drinks breaks well. The players take on fluids to replace those lost through sweating. You're less likely to get a bead on, but it's still important to remain hydrated throughout the day. The break is also a good opportunity to get up and stretch.

Remain Hydrated!

Perform your own highlights package during the intervals. The lunch and tea breaks offer the perfect opportunity to get outside with friends and family to recreate what you've just watched. Make sure you warm up first though.

To boost your fitness, do 10 press-ups every time England lose a wicket. Or, to get a bigger workout, do it whenever the Aussies lose one.

The close of play in the Test is just the beginning for you. Find a local club and sign up - no matter what your standard, there will always be a game for you somewhere.

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