Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Monty Panesar's Top Ten

Monty has been a naughty boy. Kicked out of a Brighton gay bar at just gone four in the morning for hassling women, he then went upstairs and retaliated by urinating on the bouncers from the promenade above. Having been fined £90 for his troubles, we thought we'd cheer up the Luton based spinner with our Monty Panesar Top Ten.

Monty is worried the bouncers might get their own back

10. Golden Brown - The Stranglers

9. Stuck on you - Urinal Ritchie

8. Raindrops keep falling on my head - Slasher Distel

7. Brighton Cock - Queen

6. Monster Slash - Bobby Pickett

5. Watch my Shoes - L'il Rain

4. Waterfall - The Stone Roses

3. Balcony - Big Country

2. Beds Beds Wine - UP40

1. Turban Rain - Prince