Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Adam Shantry swimming the English Channel

Adam Shantry is showing some 'Dunkirk Spirit'. He is swimming across the English Channel dodging jellyfish, driftwood, basking sharks and the odd ferry all in the name of the Tom Maynard Trust and the PCA Benevolent Fund, today. We interviewed him earlier this year, and decided to reprint this hilarious interview and hope that some of our notoriously tight readership will donate. Adam played in the same Glamorgan team as Tom before a knee injury finished his career in 2011, and the all rounder whose journey in the professional game also took him via Northamptonshire and Warwickshire is now doing this madcap swim, with the help of a couple of his mates. If you read this hilarious chat regarding Tino Best, dodging the Bristol Rovers Gas Hit Squad or the Graham Wagg masterclass in how to distract a well set batsmen, and it gives you the odd chuckle please, please support Adam in his cause. Even if it just a quid or two, and you'd like to see him swim in just a posing pouch in the shape of a horse, give here;

Adam Shantry

Friday, 20 September 2013

Defiant Durham

Durham lifted the LVCC title yesterday after a long, hard season. The tip for many to go down, ourselves included, they triumphed against the odds. We gave them as much chance of staying up as an erection of Susan Boyle's boyfriend after eight pints following their pre season, and now in their twenty first year they have lifted their third title.

Durham...2013 Champions

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Glamorous Glammy?

The international break is a week where we all come together - forgetting all club rivalry - and cheer on our nation whether it be a World Cup qualifier or European Championship quarter final. Hopes are raised and far too often false dawns leave many exasperated. Or, like me, you could be Welsh.