Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Advances in Cricket Coaching

Cricket is an ever changing game. With the updates in styles and techniques moving on from even ten or twenty years ago it is important that coaches and young players keep up to date with the advances in the game, both on and off the pitch. So when we heard about a brand new cricket app we were interested to see how things have moved on, and iCrick formed by Yorkshire skipper Andrew Gale along with his team mate, the England all rounder Tim Bresnan, is most definitely the way forward.

With the reviewed dismissal this morning of Joe Root causing controversy throughout the views of those on social media, it probably isn't the best time to be talking technology designed by a couple of Yorkshiremen, but iCrick is definitely at the forefront of technological advances in the cricketing world.

Growing up as a kid, all we had available was to hire a tatty, cloth eared copy of the book of another Yorkshire player, with Geoff Boycott's Learn to Play Cricket. Generally defaced from a 1970's library, the advice from Boycs went about as far as "Don't give your wicket away, play in the V etc etc" and that was about as far as it went. These days kids and coaches have far more tricks up their sleeve and this app which is easily downloaded is by far, one of the best aids to coaches and anyone who generally wants to improve their game, on the market.

Bresnan's England team mates congratulate him on his quality App

iCrick was developed in 2013 by Gale and Bres to bring high quality cricket coaching to you with the touch of a button. All of their techniques are based around establishing the basics of cricket. They believe that no matter what level you play at, if you practice the basics well it will give any player the confidence to progress their game.

Tim says "iCrick was put together so cricketers of all ages and abilities could visually see how professional cricketers work on their game and what key elements they base their game around. As a young cricketer I would watch my heroes on the TV and try to copy some of their techniques, iCrick offers that at the touch of a button."

Andrew says "Technology has become a massive part of cricket these days. We wanted to develop a coaching aid where cricketers could copy and compare themselves against current professionals. We believe iCrick is the future of coaching, you can analyse and work on your game from the comfort of your own home!!"

Andrew Gale...behind the future of cricket coaching

With voice overs by David "Bumble" Lloyd, there are some great games for you to try out when you hit the nets such as Yorker Golf, and kids being able to visualise what to do due to the technology, will be far easier for them than reading books such as children of the seventies would have done.

Split into six categories; batting, bowling, wicket keeping, fielding, mycoach and coach blog it is really presentable and easy to use. With help from Yorkshire team mates Adam Lyth and Andrew Hodd this will be a huge success and the technological advances within the game of cricket are all here in this small app. Virtually all of us have smartphones or ipads these days anyway and it will be a great technological aid to all of us.

Easily downloadable at just £2.99 from itunes amongst many other options, you can also use it on your television should you so wish? This really is the future for every cricketer, coach and anyone with an interest in improving their game, and for that Gale and Bresnan should be applauded.

Who said they were traditional folk in Yorkshire?

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