Friday, 7 March 2014

The Jump?

The British tabloids were awash with stories this week of an affair between ex England and Yorkshire bowler Darren Gough and TOWIE star, Amy Childs. Both Gough and Childs deny the affair but Gough has admitted that his marriage has broken down, for the second time and that he has left the matrimonial home. A few years ago this wouldn't have made headlines at all, but now cricketers are exposed to all sorts and this one is set to run and run. Dazzler it seems, has been vadazzled.


Gough and Ms Childs who is twenty years his junior, met on reality tv show The Jump. You really couldn't make up the title could you? The programme, for those unaware is not the most cerebral television in the world. Presented by Davina McCall (need I go on?) it is a group of z list celebs taking part in winter sports. Technical help comes from failed Olympian Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, whilst Amy Williams, the only person who has ridden more skeletons than David Beckham, provides the glamour. Having watched it once, all I can say is that it is a shame that technical help didn't come from Michael Schumacher.

The show was famous for Amy not wanting to go off one of the slopes although in my experience there aren't many members of her gender from that county who have refused to go down. It is a show of mind numbing shite if I am being brutally honest that those who are desperate for money or publicity would only enter. Or maybe those at the end of their career? Why Goughie has got involved in this rubbish I don't know but it seems his marriage has gone the same way as one of the events in the show...downhill. Meanwhile Amy has been criticised in the past for being too fake, something which in Essex speak normally results in a visit to the dentist.

Childs...or Anne of Cleves?

I remember back in the day that when Essex and cricket met, it was more about John Childs, rather than Amy Childs. Rumours that they Neil Fostered their relationship whilst filming out in Austria were denied by Gough, who said there was no Peter Such thing going on. Stories that Amy tossed it up more than the flat Essex left armer John were also denied, as was the fact that she tugged on his John Lever and got him Brian Hardie. Thank god it wasn't a snooker based reality show, as there would have been all sorts of rhetoric regarding Goughie sticking his Ken McEwen!

And only the bravest would suggest that he Keith Felched her.

Gough put out a statement which said, ""I can confirm that I am no longer in a relationship with Anna. However, we remain close friends and committed parents to our children. We will not be making any further comments on this and politely ask that you please respect our family's privacy at this time." Whether Dazzler has called time on the relationship or whether Anna Gough has given him the Barnsley Chop is also unconfirmed?

Miss Childs meanwhile went into hiding before emerging yesterday in a dress showing the sort of mounds that Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards would hurl himself from back in the eighties. As for the cleavage, then Jonathan Trott doesn't scratch grooves so deep whilst batting.

The only way?

Some say who gives a damn and leave them to it, but in a way Childs most definitely and Gough have courted the limelight. This is Goughie's umpteenth reality tv show having taken part in Hole in the Wall (again you couldn't make up the title given the rumours) and Strictly Come Dancing (leave it!) and one wonders what his agent is playing at? I'm sure the money on offer is good, but his credibility is most definitely suffering. It is very un Yorkshire like, and by that I mean getting involved in antics like this as opposed to enjoying the money. He's a decent presenter on Talksport, albeit one forced to work with the imminently dislikeable Adrian Durham, and should leave it at that. 

Less Essex, more ethics Dazzler.


  1. Goughey lost his Yorkshireness the moment he moved south and signed for Essex. Once you get into southern ways there is no way back.

  2. She looks like a sex doll version or ariel from the little mermaid

  3. How dare you call 5 time Olympic gold medalist and Knight of the realm, Sir Steven Geoffrey Redgrave a Z List celebrity!

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