Saturday, 3 May 2014


Hi, I’m Liam and I’m a lazy bastard!

I’ve not written anything for a while, what I thought was a few weeks turns out to have been five months. Nobody wants the Fleetwood Mac, so I am back and have a ruddy good one for you all.

I had two ideas in my head: a detailed account of the last round of the County and Championship and the pros and cons on playing the on-drive on a sticky wicket. I decided to run a competition instead.

It wasn’t even my idea. Ever the man to cut a corner, I enlisted the help of a Twitter follower: Paul Mokler, someone who lives and breathes cricket and word play. I’m sure he would be happy living in a lighthouse if it had wifi. It was decided that we would run #cricketsongs.

We had some good ones and we had some absolute brain farts but here are the top 10 along with their Twitter handles. The winner gets a Pushing the Boundaries t-shirt and will become the envy of both their pals.

10: @MatchPint - Stairway to Devon (Malcolm)

9: @DJF2682 - Daniel Vettori’s Bowling (His Name is Italian)

8: @mjs1979 - Sharma Chameleon

7: @lunndog74 - Kervezee For You

6: @superbendy24  - Wharf Becomes of a Broken Heart

5: @Ross_C_Carter  - Sitting on the Dock Tsotsbe

4: @CKM_Broni  - He Aint Heavy, He’s Philander

3: @yorks_dpressed  - The Gower of Love

2: @mjs1979 - Take me Home, Jonty Rhodes

1: @Rackelle_H79F1 - Duminy Broken Hearts

So there we have it. Congratulations to Matt Stewart for having two entries in the top 10 and a big well done to Rachel Hack who has a nice new garment along with arguably the worst Twitter handle in history. Did you fall on your keyboard?

See you all in another few months!

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