Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Strauss of Pain

The soap opera of the ECB rolls on and on. Not content with giving us a crap team on the pitch, charging us through the nose to go and watch them, we now have a situation played out for free which is far more entertaining than watching a diet of 83mph right arm seamers try their hearts out for their employers. Kevin Pietersen has been told that he is not trusted by Andrew Strauss and the twitterati is in uproar. However, he has not only been carted out of the team, but offered a role as one day advisor. WTF? That is the equivalent of getting dumped by your girlfriend and then her asking you what she thinks of your new bloke. Strauss? Sounds like someone at the ECB is Brahms and Liszt.

KP...not in the circle of trust!

Now before we start, I have always liked Andrew Strauss. A decent bat, a good skipper and spoke from the heart, even if I didn't always agree with it. I have never met him, but those I know who have, always speak highly of him. When he was recently appointed as head honcho to save English cricket, he was supposed to be the Lord Protector. A man to lead the restoration of English cricket, to lead the new model army and kick out the old guard, supposedly for the better good of the country. There were doubts in some quarters though. Some said ex public schoolboy, too close to the team, too close to Cook. I was open minded in my thinking.

However, after this morning it is more Oliver Hardy than Oliver Cromwell.

A few weeks ago KP was told by Colin Graves that the "door was open" and he needed to find himself a county and score runs. So Kevin went and did this. Shunning a deal with the Sunrisers in Hyderabad, he played for Surrey and donated his salary to charity. As for runs, he averages over 200 and scored 355 not out for them yesterday. The doubters say it was only Leicestershire, but Kumar Sangakkara who is also world class, played and scored a tenth of Kevin's runs.

Strauss...causing waves

Then this morning Andrew Strauss gave his first press conference, citing the fact that he has massive "trust issues" with Kevin and therefore he won't be considered for any of the Tests for this summer. It is the equivalent of someone giving the best job interview ever and the new manager of a company coming in and saying he is the best applicant for the role, but I don't like him. If that is the equivalent of the "door being open" then Aladdin, Ali Baba and Indiana Jones combined screaming "Open Sesame", couldn't get through.

Talking of Doors, Jim Morrison may have sung "Riders on the Storm" but Kevin is certainly no "Back Door Man". In fact the cricketing cognoscenti think Strauss is more of a "Crawling King Snake" after this,

So why have the ECB employed Strauss if he is going to let personal agendas get in the way of possibly retaining the Ashes? Surely in Andrew's own interview, the subject must have arisen? What next? Shall we drop Ian Bell because he is ginger? Shall we get rid of Gary Ballance as he has a bit of a round face? People in management roles, will not like everyone. Out of eleven people in a team, you will not get on with everyone. It is about MANAGING those issues. Kevin called Strauss a bad name, Strauss called Kevin a "complete c**t". So what? Where I come from, my friends call me one regularly as a term of endearment but even with Strauss and KP, this was a few years ago. Get over it.

Kevin has done everything that has been asked of him. He kept quiet when ECB employee Paul Downton didn't. He went and shunned the IPL and found himself an English county. He went and scored runs. He kept his counsel on the matter when others were less diplomatic. He did everything possible in order to fulfill his dream of returning to the English cricket team. He scored a triple hundred yesterday and has been fantastic with the junior players at Surrey by all accounts.

No caption needed!

Kevin hasn't made a massive U turn. Decisions have been made by the ECB which should end up in the U bend of your lavatory more like, yet it is Kevin who isn't trusted. So why offer him an advisory role? If he isn't trusted enough to be a player, surely an advisory role is a much more senior position? In the think tank, and decision making process. The whole lot stinks. Less think tank, more septic tank. Saying that even the septic tank would leak, if they have anything to do with it.

My view is that I do not trust the ECB. We still are not being told the truth fifteen months after we first asked for it. Something still doesn't fit, something is not quite right.

And for that reason, I have trust issues with the ECB.


  1. The fact is, once Strauss had been appointed, this was always going to be the outcome. If Stewart or Vaughan had been put in, then Pietersen had a chance. Once Strauss got the job, KP might as well have booked the first flight to Hyderabad.

    I'm on a different side to you. He had no way back after the book.

    Where I do agree is the PR side of it is shambolic. And the irony of it all going on when Pietersen was 300 not out is something that will last as long in the memory as Boycott being dropped for scoring 247.

    The Colin Graves situation is intriguing. They say now that they are all agreed, but he was the man who opened the door for KP. Did he make a mistake in doing so? Did he say what he meant or vice versa, and did he realise the consequences of doing so?

    I think that this line drawn by Strauss should have been drawn a year ago by Downton et al. There would have been a lot less jabber, and KP could have gone off and enjoyed T20 around the world. Now, I bet he'll never play anything again but T20.

    1. I agree. Correct decision but an absolute shambles the way it's been managed. Reluctant as I am to understate the greatness of Sir Geoff, I feel compelled to point out that it was only 246 he scored prior to being dropped by Doug Arsehole.
      It was a red inker though. #digin

    2. Good shout Fred......that one run made all the difference I reckon.

  2. Excellent comments Eye Jay. A year ago and this would have all gone by now. They didn't though...they kept the dream alive and that is what crucified Kevin. The PR has been awful. Whatever side you are on...and I see both sides of the coin, has been shocking!

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