Friday, 12 June 2015

The Freak Dismissal

Seeing Simon Hughes, the Analyst and not the ex Member of Parliament for Bermondsey, put up a freak dismissal on Twitter yesterday, it got me thinking about some of the weirdest and wackiest ways of getting out. Here are the first 5 according to the Middle Stump, with more to follow next week or when we can't think of anything to write about. Let us know if you have any others...

1. Jonathan Trott catching Ed Joyce

Ever tried to catch a cricket ball in your pocket? It's hard, trust me. So for a ball travelling at 80mph off a full blooded sweep, to stick in the pocket of short leg, there wasn't much luck of the Irish for Mr Joyce. Have a look at the video below...

2. Hertfordshire League game

An old team mate of mine by the name of Brett Irwin was playing in a Hertfordshire League game for our club Southgate Adelaide, against Watford Town. Brett played a forward defensive, with the ball going out to extra cover. Nothing wrong with that may I say, but unfortunately his bat had broken and the bottom corner had gone backwards, dislodging the bail and he was out hit wicket.

3. Colly's boot

Paul Collingwood got a rank long hop from Murali which wouldn't have hit another set of stumps down the leg side. The ball kept a bit low but the Durham man, proceded to inside edge it on to his boot, the ball ballooned in the air and into the hands of the eager Sri Lankan short leg.

4. Inzy's obstruction

Inzy loved a run out. So India v Pakistan, Inzy hits it and walks down the pitch. Mid off seeing he is out of his ground throws it more in hope and as a warning to get back in your crease. What does Inzy do? Return to his crease? No, he plays a very nice defensive shot mid pitch and is given out Obstructing the Field.

5. KP's helmet

So KP against the Windies is going along very nicely. His contribution of 68 helped give England a lead of 300 plus. Dwayne Bravo then bangs one in at him, it hits his helmet which is removed from his head. The helmet then hits the stumps leaving Kevin more stunned and dismayed than the England selection process over the last year.

More to come soon...

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