Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Farmyard XI

It has been a bad week if you are a pig. Not content with being killed for your meat, it turns out that a future Prime Minister then decides to get sexual with you. This week's revelations that the most high profile leader to stick his appendage into a pig's mouth since Monica Lewinsky was employed at the White House, has sent the Twittersphere into overdrive. So, with a massive credit to Glamorgan CCC fan Paul Mokler, we cheered pigs up worldwide with a cricketing pig XI. Not content with that, they need someone to play against so Paul drew up a cricketing sheep XI. Here are the teams...

The Pig XI unveil their mascot
Pig XI

Paul Porker (Sussex)
Chris Old Spot (Yorkshire and England)
Mark Squealham (Kent and England)
Danish Kaneria (Essex and Pakistan)
Oliver Gammon-Dalby (Warwickshire)
Richard Pork Pyrah (Yorkshire)
Wally Hammond Eggs (Gloucestershire and England)
Jonathan Trotter (Warwickshire and England)
Rodney Hogg (Australia)
Dominic Pork (Derbyshire and England)
Darren Trough (Yorkshire and England)

12th man Scott Pig Styris (New Zealand)

Too easy to include this chap

Sheep XI

Baasil D'Oliveira (Worcs and England)
Len Mutton (Yorkshire and England)
Shaun Ewedal (Hamsphire and England)
Adrian Shankar (Worcestershire)
Carl Rackoflamb (Queensland and Australia)
Vanburn Shoulder (Worcestershire and West Indies)
Brett Mutton Dressed as Lamb (Nottinghamshire)
Sheep Dipak Patel (Worcestershire)
Don Shepherd (Glamorgan)
Jamie Ovineton (Somerset)
Frank Woolley (Kent and England)

12th Man Denesh Ramdin (West Indies)

I'll get my coat...

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