Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Definitive Guide to Club Cricket

My new book, The Definitive Guide to Club Cricket will hopefully be out by the end of August. It is a satirical view of the club game, taking a closer look at the characters and idiosyncrasies that make up our summer sport. The books contains an excellent foreword by Yorkshire CCC's Jack Brooks, himself someone who has graduated into the professional ranks via club cricket. Will keep you updated in the next few weeks but here is a guide to the 59 fun filled chapters from the Contents below...

1     Introduction by Jack Brooks
       The Indoor Net
3    The Club Captain
4    Other Skippers
5   The First Weekend of Summer
6     The Last Minute Dash
7      The Characters of a Dressing Room
8      The Cricket Tea
9      The Rain Card
1   The Unfunniest People in the World
1   The Overseas Player
1   One Brings Two
1   The Away Game
1   Out three times in one ball
1   Kit
1  Are Standards Declining in the Club Game?
1  Sightscreens
1   The Life that you Lead
1   The Blocker
2  Jug Avoidance
2   The Tour
2  Driving
2  The Ageing Cricketer
2   The Shidas Touch
2   Losing Your Temper
2   The Wife
2   One in the Box
2  My Daughter
2   The Committee
3   The Cricket Club Dog
3   The Yips
3   The Unluckiest Dismissal Ever
3   The Drinks Break
3   Cricket Thieves
3   The Tea Lady
3   Rivals
3   The Park Pitch
3  Other Things Deemed ‘Park’ or ‘Village’
3  The Bent Umpire
4  The Death of Sunday Cricket
4   Bricking It
4   The Numbers in Club Cricket
4   The Run Out
4   The Boozy Club Cricket Curry
4   Games that Clubbies Play
4   An Amateur Sport?
4   Cricket Nicknames
4   When Viv got a Golden Duck
4   When the Pro meets the Clubbie
5   The Groundsman
5   The Post Match Pint
5   The Stayer and the Slapper
5   The Scorer
5   Cricketing Excuses
5   The Spirit of Cricket
5   The Dressing Room
5   Jock Rot
5   The Annual General Meeting

5   Epilogue

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