Thursday, 4 August 2016

New Book Out Friday 5th August 2016

Ladies and Gents, Friends, Romans, Countrymen...I am delighted to announce that my new book, The Definitive Guide to Club Cricket is out tomorrow via Amazon. You can get your mitts on a copy by clicking on the link here;

Chapters include every aspect of the club game from poor umpiring, money that has crept into it, the beleaguered third team skipper scrambling for players, the cricket club dog, the problems travelling to away games, the post match pint, gambling on the rain card, Jug Avoidance, Life Inside the Club Dressing Room and many, many more. With 57 chapters it is the Heinz of a club cricket guide. Priced at just £7.99 for the book or £2.26 (don't ask, it's based on the US dollar!) for an e book, there will be a donation to Melanoma UK for every copy sold. It includes a brilliant foreword from Yorkshire star, Jack Brooks recounting his days playing in club cricket.

I hope that you enjoy the book.

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