Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Review of the 5th Test in India

Right, I've got the raging Ivana, as we say in North London. England finished off this shambles of a tour with a shambles of a performance. The last hour was a disgrace. It was a dereliction of duty. This Test summed up England's tour - chasing leather for much of it, clueless on how to take wickets and yet again, negative, turgid cricket from Bayliss and Cook followed by a meek surrender to a spinner. Unless your name is Karun Nair, the following will make grim reading as this was probably the most boring Test I have seen for a while on a surface that made Mother Teresa look aggressive. We still managed to get bowled out twice on it though. This is the review of the 5th Test from Chennai...

M.A Chindambaram Stadium

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Go Selecta

England have lost the series. It's 3-0 at present and soon to be 4-0. Stranger things have happened but I am expecting as much out of Chennai as Stevie Wonder's eye. Visionary? Not if you are an England selector. This tour has been a shambles from the moment that the party was picked. The Lions aren't much better to be honest and I get emails and tweets on a daily basis that certain counties' players are overlooked. The authors may well have a point. The County Championship is sponsored by Specsavers; apt, as there has been some myopic thinking on this tour. If the selectors aren't doing their job then is it time for them to go?

Whitaker...under pressure

Monday, 12 December 2016

Review of the 4th Test in India

Let's just say it took me longer to write this article than it did for England to capitulate this morning. We all knew it was going to happen but the manner of it was so disappointing. England have been outplayed by an excellent Indian side and in Virat Kohli (or "that fucking Kohli" as he is known in my house and many in the UK, no doubt. Nothing against Virat, he's just too good for us), they have a world class player. England lost the match and the series in Mumbai, as this one passed them by. Are England that bad? Are India that good? In home conditions, they are. It was the game of crucial drops, of missed opportunities and Jennings and Kohli cashed in. This was the review of Mumbai...

Wankhede Stadium

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Lazy Man's/Woman's Christmas Present!

Want to get the old man something for Christmas? Can't be arsed wading through Christmas shoppers? Save money on shoe leather and parking fees and The Middle Stump can sort out your Christmas present right here and now for less than a tenner. Just picture his face as he opens one the best selling cricket books on the market, instead of the usual Eau De Bolleaux cologne set that you normally get him. And what's more, I'll even send him/her a personalised message. It will even keep the old sod occupied over Boxing Day too!