Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Lazy Man's/Woman's Christmas Present!

Want to get the old man something for Christmas? Can't be arsed wading through Christmas shoppers? Save money on shoe leather and parking fees and The Middle Stump can sort out your Christmas present right here and now for less than a tenner. Just picture his face as he opens one the best selling cricket books on the market, instead of the usual Eau De Bolleaux cologne set that you normally get him. And what's more, I'll even send him/her a personalised message. It will even keep the old sod occupied over Boxing Day too!

With a foreword by Yorkshire quickie Jack Brooks, The Definitive Guide to Club Cricket has reached number 1 on Amazon cricket books recently and promises to raise the odd chuckle. We'll even make a donation to Melanoma UK for every book sold too. You can read more about it here...

All you need to do is drop me an email to with the title Definitive Guide and for £9.99, I'll send through a signed book to an address that suits you. We'll sort the bank transfer out over e mail. Offer only until 15th December 2016. However, you do have to buy wrapping paper. Offer applies to those in the United Kingdom only.