Monday, 2 October 2017


Here is a free chapter of The Definitive Guide to Club Cricket. We all have a team mate obsessed with kit and I am sure you can relate to the characters in this chapter. If you'd like to get your grubby mitts on all 57 chapters of the book you can do so by clicking the following link;

Have a read...

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Essex Boys

The County Championship, whether it is sponsored by Schweppes, Brittanic Assurance, Liverpool Victoria or Specsavers is my favourite competition in sport. It is still untarnished, it is enjoyed by a select few and therefore retains an air of innocence. It also throws up surprises year on year. None more so than this year, where we have seen the Essex Boys win the title with two games to spare. As a Middlesex fan brought up on the 80's battles with Essex, this was hard to write but the gentlemen from the east (including Ray and David) deserve their moment. To see the likes of Essex being so successful gives every county supporter hope...

Thursday, 3 August 2017

A Natter with Nobby

Niall O'Brien has been a driving force behind the success of Irish cricket in recent years. Having been just awarded Test status, the ex Kent, Northants and Leicestershire gloveman spent a few days recently at my club and was an absolute gent. With his Dublin brogue and happy character, he charmed all and sundry and even gave us an interview. Now contracted to Cricket Ireland he has been great for the game and his country in general. Here we discuss why he wanted Surrey to win certain games, what it is like to compete at a World Cup and meeting his hero Jack Russell on debut. Read on for our chat with the man nicknamed Nobby...

Monday, 17 July 2017

A Downright Angry Review of the 2nd Test v South Africa

This was a shocker. England were absolutely hammered at Trent Bridge by 340 runs as they fell apart to South Africa. This was rottingham in Nottingham and led to dissent by the Trent. On a weekend when they named the first female Dr Who, most England fans would prefer to see Jodie Whittaker as Head of Selectors, whilst James Whitaker can fly the Tardis. From Day One, South Africa outclassed England and on a wicket that offered bounce and pace, where no doubt you could hear the salivation of Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazelwood from Down Under. This ain't pretty reading but here is my review of one of the worst English performances for years. And India was pretty bad...

England lament by the Trent...

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Free Chapter of my Book! Losing Your Temper...

Need some holiday reading? Be the envy of your new found mates who you will never see again as you whip a copy of this out...You might even see why it is getting 5 star reviews. Why, even Joe Root would review this one well! Below is a free chapter of The Definitive Guide to Club Cricket. You can get your copy here...
Oh and feel free to tag a team mate who regularly loses the plot when out for a duck!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Review of the 1st Test v South Africa

This was a strange old Lord's Test. We may have moaned about the boring Chief Executive's pitch at Lord's but this was the complete opposite. From the sublime to the ridiculous, it would be nice to have some balance. And after the selection of the Yorkshire number three, not many England fans have said that recently! However, it was interesting, there was thrills, spills, sledging and England won easily by 211 runs. Here is the review of the Test...

Park Pitch?

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Politics and Cricket

We are all building up to a General Election here in the UK on June 8th. However, politics and cricketers do not always go hand in hand. To most cricketers, T. May was Shane Warne's spin twin on the 1993 Australia tour of England whilst most players are more au fait with Jeremy Coney than Jeremy Corbyn. Saying that, the pacifist Labour leader probably still has more venom in his bowling than the Kiwi ever did, although I have to question if the current Conservative leader has modelled her hairstyle from Coney's team mate, Ian Smith. There are one or two exceptions to the non political cricketers though and here are a few that have made the transition from their whites to the blues and reds.

Jeremy Coney

Saturday, 8 April 2017

County Champo Div 2 Preview

Here it is with part 2...Division Two of the County Championship looks an interesting league this year with a couple of the big boys in Notts and Durham coming down. Some sides down here have serious potential whilst others have the budget of the Greek Finance Minister. With a ten team division it looks as if there will be plenty of spills and thrills this summer in the lower league. As usual, don't come crying to us if your bets go wrong on our advice and your children get an orange this Christmas. Here is our Division Two preview...

Title for Trent Bridge?

Thursday, 6 April 2017

County Champo Div 1 Preview

It's nearly here. Like a kid at Christmas, the eve of the County Championship is an exciting time for us cricket badgers. I personally love this competition. For me, it is one of the best in sport. With 25% of the sides getting relegated this year, it promises to be tighter than a Yorkshireman at the bar. Here are the predictions for this year. As usual, I hold no responsibility should this go tits up and you have gambled away your nest egg. Here are the runners and riders for Division One...

TRJ clinches the title for Middlesex in 2016

Monday, 20 March 2017

The Cricketer's Daughter

Apologies I haven't written for a while...a new job has been keeping me out of mischief. However my daughter had to write something for a University assignment, so she wrote this about growing up in a cricket club. It's a great piece and encapsulates what cricket clubs up and down the land are about; a sense of community, of being part of something and the cricket family. Have a read...

Image may contain: one or more people
Bec as a 4 year old...why do kids like flipping the top of pads?

Monday, 16 January 2017

Flat Track Bullies

"It's a batsman's game" so the old saying goes but having a look around the world, it really is starting to look that way. 400 is the new 300 in One Day Cricket, scores of 200 aren't safe in T20 cricket and we even saw a 223 chased down recently in the Big Bash. But is it all becoming a bit boring? Is cricket in danger of killing the goose that is laying the golden egg? Bigger bats, tracks as flat as the lager served up at Lord's and boundaries that make the KwikCricket kids ones look big at times are all part of the reason. But are we getting a bit bored of it all?

The Big Bash and all that razzamatazz

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Modern Day Dream

When I was a kid it was my ambition to play cricket for England. Sadly, I wasn't good enough. The dream of pulling on those three Lions is replicated around the world. The Baggy Green of Australia, the Maroon of the West Indies, or the Protea of South Africa will be the ultimate goal to thousands of children in their respective countries. Yet the modern day player seems to be putting money before the jersey and I find it sad that the innocence of the childhood dream is being taken away; not to mention the opportunities for home grown youngsters.

Kyle Abbott

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Ones to watch in 2017

OK so you know the drill by now. Each year on New Year's Day, we pick the up and coming youngsters who will be ones to watch over the coming year. Like Wisden, previous players mentioned will not be on these pages, although Wisden and the Middle Stump are rarely spoken about in the same sentence. Some of our previous mentions have made it - Haseeb Hameed, Ben Duckett and others have graced this column previously, whilst some fall by the wayside - that's the nature of professional sport. Anyway, read on and see which ones we think will go much further in the game. of our ones to watch in previous years