Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Law Changes

Alright, so you've played cricket all of your life. You know the ins and outs but this year there are big changes afoot. If like me, you are a qualified umpire you need to get your head around this as it is a game changer. I can see some people struggling to adapt to the new laws and I can see some erm, 'teething troubles', should overly officious umpires start to get involved.

First things first - I would advise everyone who plays the game to have a look at this site before the season starts.

These are the main changes below for those too lazy to click on the link;

  • Now written in language applying to all persons, regardless of gender.
  • The Handled the ball Law has been deleted, with its contents merged into Obstructing the field.
  • The Lost ball Law has been deleted and is now covered under Dead ball.
  • Limits placed on the thickness of the edges and the overall depth of the bat.
  • Injuries hoped to be prevented in a new Law which allow mechanisms tethering the bails to the stumps.
  • Bowling of deliberate front foot No balls to be treated in same way as deliberate full-tosses.
  • A new Law of the game, Players’ conduct, is introduced, giving an in-match consequence for poor on-field behaviour.
  • The Law regarding running out the non-striker has been altered.
  • 'Bouncing bat’ Law changed, substitutes now allowed to keep wicket and concept of penalty time amended.
There are others and ones that will cause the sort of rows that only a Donald Trump tweet could cause. Previously if a ball hit a fielder's helmet it was a dead ball. Now providing that he doesn't drop it, if you smash one at short leg and it sticks in his grille, you are on your way back to the hutch. 

There are also internal and external injuries. If a player gets hit by a ball and has to leave the field of play for treatment during the course of the game, this is treated differently to a pulled muscle injury. However, you go off for a fag break/removal of last night's curry, then you can't bat or bowl for the time you are off. The clock is ticking.

Subs can now keep and all bowlers will be pleased to know that byes or leg byes are not debited to their bowling figures should they bowl a no ball.

If a bat is grounded and then bounces in the air, this will be deemed as not out but woe betide you should you bring a bat that is thick enough to be able to get a ball to cannon off it in a way that could bring down light aircraft.

Go easy on the umpires please, gents and ladies.

Wayward bowlers will find themselves taken off having slipped two beamers in and should you land the ball off the pitch, even if you can bowl Shane Warne style leg breaks that turn ten feet and bowl the batsman, this is now a no ball. A ball can only bounce once before reaching the popping crease too.

Rain breaks will be fun. One umpire can now deem it unfit whereas in the good old days, this was a consultation process. I can see rows a plenty when the promotion and relegation places are at stake towards the end of the season, should we get a miserable August day.

Penalty runs will now come in for all sorts of shenanigans. Distracting the striker and mock fielding are part of these, so the Darren Gough tongue out approach to the crease will have to be curtailed.

No cards but a captain will be instructed to remove the player for a Level 4

Mankadding the non striker will cause Bay of Pigs style crises amongst clubs but penalty runs, sin binning players for Level 3 offences or getting the captain to remove a player completely for a Level 4, will make it go nuclear.

It's going to be an interesting season!

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