Monday, 15 July 2019

Cricket's Come Home

Finally, it’s over. After 48 matches, over 22,000 runs and nearly 700 wickets, it came down to a Super Over that ended with the scores level, England winning on more boundaries scored. Wider chasms have been known between Rahul Dravid’s bat and pad than these two sides who put on a marvellous spectacle. This had everything – it had drama, it had tension, it had controversy, it had us hiding behind the sofa, it had us turning to Category A drugs and it had me needing to change my boxer shorts at least three times during that wonderful Skittish Sunday in St. John’s Wood. Sponsored by the refreshing London Fields Brewery and their marvellous Hackney Hopster, this is a review of quite possibly the finest game of cricket ever played…


Sunday, 16 June 2019

My World Cup so far...

Just over half way through the group stages and the 2019 Cricket World Cup is starting to take shape. Or it would have taken more shape if it hadn't pissed down with rain all week. The UK has been wetter than a mermaid's gusset this last week, which has kept the group tighter than Phil Tufnell at the bar. There have been empty seats, Channel 4 has decided to show games at times that an insomniac would baulk at and the weather in June, has been about as much fun as watching an episode of Terry and June. Despite this, we have had some brilliant moments so far...Here, in association with The London Fields Brewery is The Middle Stump Guide to the World Cup so far.

Monday, 3 June 2019

Leaked Chapter from the Exhaustive Guide to Club Cricket

During the Cricket World Cup, I am offering copies of my latest book, The Exhaustive Guide to Club Cricket for just £6.99, whilst England are in the competition, or until they win it (you may have to hurry after today). In the meantime, here is one of the chapters from the book for free. Read on and enjoy the differences between the professionals and us clubbies. You can get your 'split webbing hands' on a copy by clicking this link here...

Sunday, 2 June 2019


Spoof social media accounts and cricket are nothing new. Kevin Pietersen was the butt of some jokes who were friends of his team mates a few years ago and some would say it was the initial lighting of the fuse that caused his departure from the England team. Some are just boring and have had their day, whilst the likes of Fred Boycott have kept us entertained for years. In one cricket league in the Home Counties, the news on the grapevine throughout clubs is of other Twitter accounts mocking other clubs. So much so, that the league have issued a statement warning the protagonists. Not only that, they have issued a statement warning anyone liking their tweets or even following them that they will be subjected to sanctions as of June 1st. Is this now taking their duties too far?

KP...Parody Account caused issues

Monday, 27 May 2019

The Middle Stump Guide to the World Cup

It's nearly here. The Cricket World Cup is about to start on these shores this week and England have a decent chance. Can we go better than our footballers last summer, who like me after 10 pints, couldn't get past a semi? Will it be heartbreak for our lads? Will the tournament song by Dave Stewart come out the day after we get knocked out like in 1999, when Alec Stewart would have made a better fist of it? This is going to be a long, slow tournament with the final on Sunday July 14th, so be prepared for the long haul. Who will be triumphant after a mammoth eleven games? Crack open a Hackney Hopster from those lovely blokes at The London Fields Brewery who have kindly offered to re-hydrate me during the tournament, then read on for the candidates to lift the trophy...

Lord Eoin of NW8...

Monday, 6 May 2019

The Non Turning, Short, Fat, Left Arm Spinner

In my last two books, The Definitive Guide to Club Cricket and The Exhaustive Guide to Club Cricket, I have written about various individuals that permeate our clubs here in the UK. One individual that I forgot about, is a man who is in every club across the land. He is a conman, a man who you really wouldn't buy a used car from, a fraudster, or as they say in posh circles - a cad, a bounder or a rotter. Ladies and Gents, Friends, Romans, Countrymen, I bring you, the non turning, short, fat, left arm spinner.

One of this breed...

Monday, 22 April 2019

County Lines?

Rivalry is a natural thing. Pull back your bedroom windows and I bet the bloke over the road wants a nicer place than his neighbour next door. I bet he wants a flashier car, he thinks his wife is prettier and parts of his anatomy are bigger. Cricket is no different. Yet is it becoming more like football with abuse on social media? Are fans becoming more abusive behind the anonymity of their keyboards? Is it cricket's issue, or a problem for society as a whole? Read on...

Surrey...everyone's favourite to abuse

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner...

The Royal London One Day Cup. Enjoy it this season folks because one day cricket as we know it, is about to become extinct. It will be consigned to history - the woolly mammoth, the dodo, the sabre toothed tiger. Why? Because the people that run our game at the top, have now declared that this will be a development competition because there is no room in the calendar for a premier all day, one day tournament. The 100 ball game, aimed at all of those new 'cricket fans', will replace it and at the same time, replace a lifetime of memories for many of us.

Oh Lancy, day kings in the 70's

Friday, 5 April 2019

County Championship Div 1 preview

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends”, wrote a well known Warwickshire fan but the season cannot come soon enough for those who love the County Championship. One of the best competitions in any sport rears its beautiful head again, as 18 teams, virginal in their pristine April whites, will be around the block and worn out, come September. Here we give our predictions again for the 2019 season. Please note that before you visit your favourite illegal Indian bookie and bet a fortune on the recommendations of this blog, we do get it wrong. And regularly. When the fun stops, stop and all that. On the eve of the Grand National, here are the runners and riders in Division One…

Ciderman Brooks...quality signing

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Review of the 2nd Test in West Indies

There are various degrees of shit. This was up there, or should I say down there, with the very best. If it was a tv series it would have been Eldorado, it was that bad. At least Eldorado was entertaining. Having all predicted that England would win, albeit closely against a spirited Windies, they have gone and got stuffed. Not just beaten but battered, sunk without a trace. This one in Antigua, was so much a Bermuda Triangle of a performance, I'm surprised Barry Manilow hadn't donned the whites. This is a review of the downright dreadful second Test...

Sir Vivian Richards stadium

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Review of the First Test in the West Indies

So England arrived in Barbados. A month and a bit had passed since they were last on duty, for those cricketers who moan about tiredness and playing twelve months a year, apart from those who filled their time off picking up a few Aussie dollars in the Big Bash League. They had arrived in the Caribbean to surely win a series easily? A nice bit of sun, sea, a few rum punches and an easy 3-0 series win would be a far better way to spend January than scraping ice off your car in the dark at 7am. Did it play out like that? Erm not really. England were as undercooked as botulism chicken. This is a review of the Bridgetown Test.


Sunday, 13 January 2019

Book Review - The Walkers of Southgate and Middlesex

OK, first things first, let me show my hand here. I'm biased. If the Walker family hasn't left part of their vast estate I wouldn't have played cricket for the last thirty five years at such a beautiful ground. I also know the author, he's a top bloke and someone who sleeps, breathes and eats cricket. So this isn't going to be a neutral review of a great book but it is one I'd recommend to all Middlesex cricket fans out there, to see how their club was formed. It is one that is packed with information and local knowledge and Jouning deserves great credit for his research.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Ones to watch in 2019

Here we go again. Happy New Year to you all, may your year be full of joy and if you're a batsman, awash with leg stump half volleys. As usual, we give you the ones to look out for in the coming year. No one we have mentioned before gets a mention and with most of them being born this century, I feel geriatric writing this article, looking at their dates of birth. I was in Baghdad, when this lot were in their dad's bag. Having had successes with the like of Olly Stone, Ethan Bamber and Ollie Pope in recent years, we hope that this year's thoroughbreds will be ones to keep your eye on. Here are the runners and riders for 2019...

Ollie Pope